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  1. https://halo.fandom.com/wiki/Clans ["Halo 2 is the only Halo game to explicitly support clans as a built-in option; its clan system allows a clan to hold up to 100 people. A Multiplayer emblem may only belong to one clan at a time. There is no built-in clan ladder on Halo 3. This has led to the development of numerous informal ways to identify with a clan; clan members often share the same Emblem or Service Tag . Clans organize externally, coordinating and recruiting on websites and Bungie.net. The much larger communities of gamers are sometimes devoted to other games in addition to Halo; they also tend to be more competitive. Examples include Major League Gaming and LCU, the two largest Halo 3 gaming communities in the world. To survive, such clans tend to keep a close eye on their members' gaming activities; hold meetings; raise money to fund the community and the websites; and constantly recruit in an effort to maintain the clan's popularity and longevity."] this bugs the shit out of me. Halo 2 had a lot of community meta that was stripped away. forge is my favorite thing about halo but it honestly feels like soul for a soul levels of compromise. because halo 3's matchmaking got more and more and more boring and stale and muted as the 360 grew on. people didn't interact in the game they interacted in their Live Party echo chambers. and the only real good purpose for forge was for clans or spontaneous custom games and the only time you ever knew about any custom game ever was through some friend list member hosting a party and people did that less and less half way through Halo 3's Lifespan. so halo 3's media Features kind of feel like a fucking Oxymoron right now. Yes you can still have fun by coordinating with people and setting up game lobby's whatnot and salvaging interaction in an isolated SCARCE Fashion but the point is Matchmaking is complete concept bankrupt Shit compared to the old days. Servers SHOULD Irrevocably replace Matchmaking. for the sake of Creation's Dignity.
  2. match making is absolute SHIT either bring back the 6th gen GOLDEN wild west days of rambunctious game chat and halo 2 clan ladder meta and other fun shit where everyone actually interacts and rough houses and fucks around with eachother or literally just leave it dead in the water and soulless like it already is and axe it. i don't care how much of a cheap lazy population retention it is. there is zero genuine discourse or intuition whatsoever to the point you're better off running matches against high grade AI depending. i fucking dropped call of duty online at all because veteran bots gives me a way more exciting accessible consistent challenging experience than shitty shotty mexiconnection lifeless matchmaking. servers (mostly) actually give me that feel good feeling and social vibrance that early xbox live did before 360 party chat sterilized everything along with other things into muted netcode shooting xp slaving teamwork bankrupt wasteland. servers at least on computer usually have everyone's voices available to one another so it actually seems like a room of people playing a game together. especially on shit like garrys mod or halo online. yeah there is always a dumb small kid who needs to shut the fuck up and dematerialize but honestly back in the day going in and manually muting people who were shit wasn't very hard. back in halo 2 days custom games just HAPPENED. they were honestly just started effortlessly all the time any time because people were actually in the regular matches already talking to eachother and devising some shit to go deviate and play. this started happening less and less and less in halo 3 until nobody talked on matchmaking anymore at all period.. and you had to be a friend of a friend of a friend's xbox live party or fucking grind forums to play fun halo. you wanna know why else i despise modern matchmaking 99.99% of games abandoned friendly fire and other minor voluntary intrusions. a completely organic scenario creating synergy. just because people have an existential stature conniption when they die, because they're not immediately as chad as [insert pro gamer here] all the fucking time constantly. i will always have infinitely more fun in the wild west than i will in this rubric club wrist chaining bullshit. im not saying dont have player booting. but being able to actually rough house with the fuckhead who took your gun or your kill so often was a connective element that made things feel dynamic and asymmetric. And not fucking Robotic. well not fucking today. every Online game dev Round the Sun Feels like Soccer Mom Esport cashing out and pandering to Little Boy Susan because GOD DAMNIT susan wants to be big boy pro mlg strimmer like Twitch Nanny ninja and GOD DAMNIT susan just can't do it with all this skill gap raw immersion tom foolery that fiddles with susan's poor precious KD. his luscious. KD. and GOD DAMNIT susan's going to let every forum in Hell hear about it until he gets his walking nascar headshot simulator. Good Day
  3. If You're not playing Swat with Saws you're not taking advantage of the SandBox
  4. I actually agree. My problem is that the needle rifle is ugly as sin
  5. you seem to have a lot of hate in your heart. May I request you open up your heart? Halo bless.
  6. Literally NOT a single entity being on this planet is Playing Gears of Trash 5. OR fucking Overwatch. Troll. You Literally act like Multiplayer Shooters are on some form of hype train right now. What the living fuck? AAA is dying
  7. i take credit for anything that happens. ever. good or bad. I'm literally God
  8. You're literally repeating your complete Non point over and over and fucking over again because youre that ass hurt that people here percieve your ideology of perfectly symmetrical subjectivity as a Fallacy
  9. I would literally neg this post 500 times
  10. I can't even hear you you're too quiet This Librarian whispering thing doesnt work
  11. I wonder if Ogre 2 bitches as much as some of you Faux Pros do
  12. There is a game where you literally only use one fucking utensil the entire time Portal is for you Or maybe you're that UT3 60min Insta Gib all decade long reticle twitch binge fiend kindof type
  13. Standoff is exact shit for any gamemode that isnt Infection variant. And making the BR not trash makes it exactly worse. Not a defensive map? Now it is. Ill just cop and squat the back corner driveway alley and scope people. Kills or not im just gonna hit box you all day and make you camp base cover and get frustrated and ruin the whole map flow. I feel like Halo 5's version already felt like this except people would at least try to finesse with spartan mobility but still got lasered. h3's br not really defendable but putting that map in halo 2 i dont think would even remotely help it. I would put more cover on the map and make it more paint bally but people would call it cluttered and shit and unplayable. They might be right but idk what else to do with it unless make it more underground oriented
  14. You're literally not introducing anything or innovating anything at all period. You're rearranging circus concepts. Have a Neg with your pity upvotes
  15. The only real way you'd ever be able to balance the AR and make it feel good for casuals at all is if you give and take a little. You can't just structure an automatic weapon "Wel Itz a sHit gun for sHit Nuubz" People WONT play your game. The best thing to do here is to make the AR absolutely Nasty in CQB and have horrible range. literally unviable range. make it loud and feel impactful like the H1 AR. its like lesser to the shotgun at that point. and it won't interrupt your precious 4 shot bursts as easily. Alternatively to that would be to make the AR a pebble shooter with some suppression purpose. let that thing scrape and grate away at shields like the joke that it is, but let it be nearly cross small map. and make it projectile. and make it feel impactfull still like the H1 AR. none of the H3 Airsoft sponge impact shit. let Fucks and Kids poke at you with their little ratatatata from a least a respectable distance and people won't even at least be as peeved when you still blast the fuck out of them with your precious 4 shot burst. When i was small kid i didn't even really care that the H2 Smg H3 AR wasn't very powerful because its a starting tool. but the fact that it feels like it actually has almost Zero effect anywhere any distance anytime at all. the Perfect Airsoft gun to make Competition Porn addicts feel right safe at home with their BR. And that's just not Fun. Rapid fire guns are some of the most entertaining kinetic feedback in general for people. Maybe that's why extreme Low TTK is so much more popular there will always be a striking friction between people who Play games for pick up and play gratification and those who treat said software as their skill progressive entertainment career. its never going away. What skill gap is acceptable to you is grotesque to someone else. And I'll still get stared at weird for suggesting alternate Guns even tho Halo Online has this and it kind of works out. Make 2 fucking Assault Rifles. For heavens. One that's a Campaign starting weapon so you're not op, the other that ends up being a campaign upgrade pick up weapon. One that's in Social playlists default. The other that substitutes in a comp environment and takes skill gap seriously. Remember, there are JUST as many people who don't care about skill gap, as there are who do. a Real problem i see here with people thinking that Competitive Skill gap is Backwards compatible. its really not. people will either submit themselves to the skewed methodologies of competition or they will play or complain around your meta, or worse, avoid your game. You have to deeply care about skill gap to endulge skill gap. You may have grown up in the atmosphere of literally wanting to do good and progress in Halo, but that Contrast has always been there. the Starker it is the more popular the series gets. im honestly posting this garbage because i've recently had some Dudes VICIOUSLY Defend Halo 5 meta to me, down to the H1 Pistol. down to like a fucking calculative science, defensive. it was very shocking. they get that theater doesnt work and 343 are incompetent and shit, but my god were they plugged in. and I was just like... You fucking know what? perspectives man.
  16. I got One. Sarah Sanders is a Beast. And CORRECT
  17. I have to agree with you beast. that post was erroneous. there is literally zero way in hell ragnarok and valhalla are even that different to imply objectivity whatsoever. ragnarok literally follows the same basic structure. I actually like to sit and admire the art differences between the two styles and i was going to honestly say that ragnarok was subjectively inferior for having a limer green which i dont prefer and having muddier textures but this guy literally fucking goes 60 year old French Food critic from ratatouille mode on me. Big Yikes. i will say one thing its perfectly subjectively okay for him to believe that valhalla is objectively superior to ragnarok, but that's still just his subjective perspective. so LockOn, you're not right but you're not wrong but you're not right. have a piece of toast.
  18. Overbloated Checklist Crap that makes the Experience Consumably inflated with Noise compared to the refined and cohesive set pieces and enriched spectacle provided by a more linear product. you seem like who needs hours of immersive padding to justify your product. i lost this mentality years ago. I'd rather play a game that is enriched and finite than a game that mechanically dwells for the sake of time sync consumption and fake digital material worth. non essential activities are an occasion at best. Open world Service crap has mediocrity in the recipe and was better executed back in the day with limitations and ambition but even then every single open world game ever made has had complete excess crap that it doesnt need to a fault. You know how I unlocked all those Spider Man Costumes back on the Ps1 I played throught the main stage missions various times various difficulties and doing alternate things to get unlocks which then encouraged replaying it even further with the unlocks. Now i have to take fucking selfies and play as mary jane and stand and help a Fake spiderman not get graped by crooks for 10 minutes and then sit on the bus with everyone and take more selfies. a Spider Man Simulator is a Spider Man Simulator and Maybe the Former sounds redundant to you but to me anymore finite Quality isn't redundant, Quantity is. I didn't even mention the Super Man 64 Ring dwelling. But i'll stop picking on insomniac

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