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  1. YES. the Reticle LITERALLY sticks to the player model longer than on Console. period. ive been trying this. Not more Magnetism? Then theres more fucking Sticky aim. either fucking way its easier. Xbox FOV is NOT the culprit i can aim fine and hit my shots FINE on Xbox. But Computer is Virtually PreSchool. im barely touching my right thumbstick. at all. a LUDICROUS degree of difference.
  2. Online FPS Needs to be seperated by peripheral. These Input devices DO NOT get along. games are already seperated by multiple systems often. instead they could just have 2 server seperations. Thimbstick and Mouse
  3. If this doesnt look like Aim assist is amplified on computer then explain the fucking crackdown reticle lock on going down on the bottom screen
  4. It has PATENTLY less magnetism. watch summit play the game
  5. Black Cock 2 Fanboys Inbound. Quote Me.
  6. YES. Steam community parameters are even higher than that. this game has fucking 1st grade autism degree video customization. 343 should liquidate their fucking company
  7. Black Ops 2 is Irredeemably Horrendous. In any Impact depthful factor capacity. Patent Fact. Everything about its formula is Negligent besides its Zombie DLC The Entire Beginning of Sightline Funnel accessible Kindergarten maps. NO. it's not classic modern warfare octane balance You don't need to fucking love death streaks to accept that Black Ops is Interactively mediocre safety popcorn flare But found massive raw shallow attraction from it's color palette and Fidelity Interface Innovation from Yellow +Score text and Rock and Roll sound effects every 5 seconds. Not a single gun from that game is noteworthy and memorable than from MW3. and MW3 had shit compared to 2
  8. Bullet Magnetism is an Absolute MANDATORY For Mouse. this OBSOLETE engine has literally Zero optimal input performance at all. Ive seen NOTHING but muscle memory trained Twitch fiends MISS EVERY Shot for literally 7-8 games STRAIGHT until even remotely gathering any formation of cognitive traction at all and even that grasp is 1000% dictated by magnetism registration. This Game Engine is Literally ANTI Counter Strike. without MASSIVE assistence, the KBM peripheral is OUTRIGHT useless. feels good to honestly have an online steam game be Controller focused though. its a breath of fresh air. Steam is nothing like Xbox live. If you're not going out of your way to sit at your rigid desk and sweat on KBM you essentially have no business being online. you'll be indefinite trash forever if you operate otherwise. So this is nice.
  9. Now it is but back in the day all the way to 2013 even my entire social sphere pretty much deemed Mw3 in a better light than black ops 2 especially it had more maps and guns people around me liked. MW3 was essentially the biggest launch of all time ridng the hype if mw2 and everyone was insane about it in 2011 and still played it in 2012 people used to bitch about black ops 2 spawns and maps like crazy back in the day my friend used to have a conniption over Bo1 map design even tho he kept playing it because the assault rifles felt good Black ops was always the goofy circus cod for gun game and zombies and everyone actually took modern warfare more seriously as a dedicated game would spend half of days at a time on weekends just stairing at their screen. I remember the Black ops 2 launch and my entire xbox live was complaining about spawns. people didnt start settling for BO2 until basically before Ghosts came out. late 2013 ish. nowadays the Internet tries to claim black ops 1 and 2 were like Platinum and that Modern Warfare 3 never existed. not exactly how it happened in my reality. i also liked custom infected lobbies more than zombies. i feel like 2013/2014 is when zombies really started bandwagoning but not as much before. but now bunches of kids view zombies and neon colorful maps as cod staple.
  10. A lot of people are like that but it's a Shitty fucking mentality and online should die
  11. Halo Basic movement with some micro thrust for octane flair might just be the best chance we have
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