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  1. Diamond in arena slayer and snipers. Msg me Gt Zorniborni
  2. GT: Zorniborni MM/Customs EU Diamond in Arena and Slayer, pls send me a message if you want me to add you as well
  3. I don't know from where but I do know that name as well. Could easily be the gamescom event.Yeah if you have a teammate I'd love to run some 2s
  4. If you want competent eu players add me gt: DSB Zorniborni and gt: Vode CE. I'm decent and Vode is pretty good, would love to run some games sometime.
  5. yeah I meant if there are like a lot of them all over the place. Of course if I know where a weapon spawns I don't need to know what it is. And still its annoying to have to read it, but again its a minor thing I noticed
  6. Has it been brought up yet that there are no symbols for the weapons when you pick them up. By that I mean that it only tells you "press X to pick up Battle Rifle" and no Icon for it like on previous iterations. It might be a minor thing but I hate having to read what weapon I´m standing on in order to decide if I want it or not.
  7. Profil pic will be my expression if I win this! Leggo!
  8. First game ce 3v3 on HeH. My teammates quit and the other team has thumps. Felt great though. Second game high ground AR's completely outvote priz. I turned off my Xbox
  9. Care to explain what that is? Never heard of it (don't know much about h2 speedruns)
  10. Just a thought that I had the past days and I haven´t seen it discussed yet. Doesn´t sprint brake (or at least dumb down) gametypes like CTF and Bomb way to much. I mean look at H4 Flag. "Oh they got 4 down on us and are pulling the flag? Well better push A of spawn and rush straight forward". Assuming there´s flag/bomb dropping in H5 it´s still an issue since you´d constantly have to drop objective, start sprinting, pick ub object -> repeat. And still you´d be slower since sprint is at max spees about 1 second in (at that moment when you hit the "uber realistic stripes on the edge of your screen telling you that you´re suuuper fast....). IMO that´s as big as an argument against sprint as it ruining maps by stretching them (#bigship). @@Deez @@Bravo
  11. I´d be surprised if there´s a forum with visitors from more over the world than yours. Also I doubt that any has visitor numbers comparabel to beyond.
  12. That´s what I told him, still he has a weird view. Thinking it´s harder for us EU´s to be involved in the US scene (even though we have this forum). Also he thinks you hide posts that you don´t agree with (I told him there are countless posts against this view, since all mods discuss with people around here)
  13. Arguing with someone in the Austrian communtiy: He says Beyond isn´t a global forum and the "true Halo forums" are twitch streams.. Edit: he meant streamers talking about the game not the chat, still...
  14. Not near H4 splitscreen issues though, those had like 7 fps. Also the 25-35 is just a made up number as I said it wasn´t distracting playing split.
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