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  1. I have the mod on my two boxes but never actually tried to play around with it, thanks for clarifying. I used to consider 30+ on xbc a “victory,” or if I hosted and won like 50-45 I knew I woulda got smoked on lan by the same person. We used to just play two series on/off and off host would get the color advantage depending on the map.
  2. Looking forward to watching, what is the reason for on/off vs NHE in the tourney?
  3. Would doing something like taking the top 15-20 from each game, then look for overlapping players help? From there fit in the rest?
  4. I haven’t but it’s been happening to my friend. A bit different than yours. His box completely shuts off. Only happens on MCC. Original XboxOne
  5. Getting a lot of d/c in H1. 4 tonight at random points of various games. I know its not my connection as the wife is streaming various apps with no issue. Called spectrum and assured everything running fine. Was not an issue for me pre-patch. Looking forward to the H1 patch, this build is still broken. H2 feels much better post-patch.
  6. I never lanned H3, but heard good things compared to online. Went to 2 mlg for H2. Dallas 06 and Orlando 07. H3 seemed like a dumbed down version of 2 for me. Remember at a local I had 1st shot vs. T2 and he three shot me (double shot) to win the battle. None of that existed in H3. Aiming has also never felt has responsive since H1/2.
  7. Looking forward to watching. Thanks putting it on. I’m sure Patch/Legend are favorites for 2v2. Anyone a favorite for the FFA?
  8. I also went from 4 to 2 in H3, I’ve never been great at H3 aiming but was worse than I remembered. H1 I stayed the same, 4.
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