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  1. In asymmetric gametypes like Invasion, the Attackers could benefit from an “infantry support vehicle”. This vehicle would assist infantry in moving and attacking the entrenched defending team. I’m picturing a hovering saucer that can project different effects downward, beneath the vehicle. Players who stand underneath the vehicle would benefit from these effects. Shield Curtain - a cylindrical shield door is projected downward from the bottom of the vehicle to the ground, protecting players within but preventing them from firing out Regenerator - reduces the shield recharge delay of players underneath the vehicle Speedboost - temporarily increases the movement speed of players underneath the vehicle, players retain their Speedboost for a short period even after leaving the area of effect under the vehicle Power Drain - drains the shields of players underneath the vehicle Rather than infantry physically entering the vehicle, they independently choose to move with it. The driver chooses which effect the vehicle emits, the players choose when they want to depart from the protection the vehicle provides. Do you think this type of “mobile mini-base” vehicle could work in Halo?
  2. I don’t care if the utility is a pistol or a rifle, I just want the ability to out strafe enemies. Military shooters have better strafes than Halo.
  3. I think Reach had it right. Campaign, traditional multiplayer, Invasion, Firefight. Halo could definitely pull off a zombies mode with the Flood too.
  4. Has anyone ever considered having two “fire teams” of two in 4v4 CE games? That way the spawn system would be the same as 2v2 but able to support more players.
  5. A projectile utility weapon makes for more interesting battles due to strafing and leading your shots. I don’t believe a projectile Sniper Rifle adds anything significant to gameplay. If the utility weapon kills fast, a hitscan Sniper Rifle with low aim assist and zero bullet magnetism is ideal. Change my mind.
  6. Speaking of having control over spawns, should dead teammates have any choice in where they respawn? For example, press a button during the respawn timer to spawn on your top scoring teammate or press nothing to let the spawn system decide. Or press a different button for a random spawn. Could Bro Spawning be unlocked through medals? For example, going on a Killing Spree allows teammates to bro spawn on you. Could Bro Spawning be unlocked through certain locations on the map? Stand in a specific area to force your dead teammate to respawn on you? Could the spawn system be improved by giving players more control over their respawns or should the system be automated?
  7. If the Battle Rifle was perfectly accurate, would you guys be cool with it being a 12 bullet kill (as in, every bullet from four bursts needs to land with the last being a headshot for the kill)?
  8. If the projectile Magnum was a 4 shot kill with a 1.0 second kill time, that would mean that two missed shots would up the kill time to 1.66 seconds, three missed shots to 1.99 seconds. With the Assault Rifle being hitscan, I think giving Magnum users the ability to miss 2 shots and still beat the AR is good, considering the Magnum is more difficult to use effectively. In addition, giving the AR an accurate burst mode would stop competitive players from hating on it as a social starting weapon so much.
  9. What is the purpose of a scope? To increase effective range. Should the Assault Rifle have a scope? No. Should the Assault Rifle have some mechanic to increase its effective range? Yes. The AR is full auto with bloom. Good for close range. Click scope to toggle the weapon into a five round burst with vertical recoil. Good for medium range. The length of the burst coupled with the vertical recoil and lack of zoom prevent it from being effective at long range. 20 shots to kill at 1.8 seconds in either mode.
  10. I am of the opinion that players should only spawn with the utility weapon. It encourages movement, even if its only to pick up a mid tier weapon and it makes it easier to pick up a second weapon when you don’t have to switch to the weapon you want to drop before picking up a new one. As for the DMR, I wouldn’t make it a spawn weapon. I would make it a map pick up in BTB. It has a higher magnification scope and deals increased damage to vehicles at the cost of reticle bloom (which doesn’t matter when you’re shooting at something as large as a vehicle). I would make the Needle Rifle able to get supercombines against vehicles too. Now you have two “anti vehicle” precision rifles. One that deals low damage with every shot and one that deals high damage after a number of shots. Arena really doesn’t need multiple precision rifles, especially when they’re as similar as a DMR and a Magnum.
  11. Stabilize would be cool if it was a unique feature on one weapon, not a base trait that everyone can activate every time they jump.
  12. I don’t think that’s a bad idea but it requires too much commitment. You have to use both your weapon slots, have a specific combo of weapons, and switch weapons and fire while the orb is traveling. I think the reason the noob combo works is because the overcharged Plasma Pistol is “fire and forget”. I feel like the Shock Combo is hard enough to pull off effectively on its own. Requiring two separate weapons to pull it off would make it too much of a hassle imo. If there was a battery powered precision rifle, it would have an unused button (Reload) that the orb could be assigned to.
  13. The Reload button is unused on battery powered weapons. What do you think about giving it a function? Someone mentioned Unreal Tournament’s Shock Rifle. Do you like the idea of the Reload button firing a slow moving orb while the Fire button fires fast moving shots? Shoot the airborne orb for an explosion?
  14. I think it would be interesting to have a precision rifle that can kill fast and never has to reload but can never get more than one kill at the maximum rate of fire. 7 shots to kill, 10 shots at maximum rate of fire before overheating. You pace your kills. It also forces you to commit to a single enemy. If you put more than three shots into one enemy, you can’t switch targets and still get the minimum kill time.
  15. Do you think a semi automatic, precision rifle that has a battery instead of a magazine could work well in Halo? Aside from the Beam Rifle, it seems like any weapon that is headshot capable always has a magazine rather than a battery. I wonder if there’s a reason for that. I’m picturing something like the Carbine. Accurate with a fast rate of fire, kills in like 7 shots with a headshot, overheats after 10 shots fired as fast as possible. Is there any reason a weapon like this wouldn’t work?
  16. I don’t have a problem with alerting all players to weapon spawns in social playlists but I really think you should have to keep track of that yourself in ranked. It promotes communication and there is the possibility that you get caught up and forget which can allow the other team to capitalize on your mistake.
  17. To be fair, in Halo 4, I would use the Carbine and go for all headshots because it would make it harder for my target to see.
  18. How would you guys feel about Plasma Grenades behaving more like Spike Grenades? As in, they could stick to walls and ceilings and blast outward, perpendicular to the stuck surface.
  19. Do you have any thoughts on how to better balance the sandbox? Well said. It can’t be put any simpler than this.
  20. That’s a cool idea. A dynamic spawn Sanctuary is one map where an idea like this could really work. Plus, the layout you are spawning the items in (rocks and opposing snipe) seems like it would make it difficult to control both because your team would have to slice the map the “wrong” way (perpendicular to the normal midline). This weapon layout and alternating timing also seems like it would promote cyclical movement around the map instead of just holding mid and dominating one side of the map like static Sanc encourages.
  21. What are your feelings on an objective carrier having a one hit kill offensive ability?
  22. Have you ever seen a team send three players into the enemy flag? No, one player goes in while the others cover spawns. This is not the same as fighting over a neutral power weapon. Look, I understand because a power weapon and a flag are both things you can pick up off the map that if you boil it down to the most general sense that anything you say about one you can say about the other but in reality that’s not how it plays out.
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