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  1. In asymmetric gametypes like Invasion, the Attackers could benefit from an “infantry support vehicle”. This vehicle would assist infantry in moving and attacking the entrenched defending team. I’m picturing a hovering saucer that can project different effects downward, beneath the vehicle. Players who stand underneath the vehicle would benefit from these effects.


    Shield Curtain - a cylindrical shield door is projected downward from the bottom of the vehicle to the ground, protecting players within but preventing them from firing out


    Regenerator - reduces the shield recharge delay of players underneath the vehicle


    Speedboost - temporarily increases the movement speed of players underneath the vehicle, players retain their Speedboost for a short period even after leaving the area of effect under the vehicle


    Power Drain - drains the shields of players underneath the vehicle


    Rather than infantry physically entering the vehicle, they independently choose to move with it. The driver chooses which effect the vehicle emits, the players choose when they want to depart from the protection the vehicle provides.


    Do you think this type of “mobile mini-base” vehicle could work in Halo?

  2. do you think Halo Infinite should just go back to only campaign and multiplayer like halos 1-3 and resort all resources to those.


    Or do you think in this age that we need an "extra" gamemode like Cod's blackout or zombies? Do we need/want a firefight/horde mode? Warzone? Battle royale? A whole new gametype?

    I think Reach had it right. Campaign, traditional multiplayer, Invasion, Firefight. Halo could definitely pull off a zombies mode with the Flood too.

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  3. Yeah having control over stuff and taking things into account sucks.

    Speaking of having control over spawns, should dead teammates have any choice in where they respawn? For example, press a button during the respawn timer to spawn on your top scoring teammate or press nothing to let the spawn system decide. Or press a different button for a random spawn.


    Could Bro Spawning be unlocked through medals? For example, going on a Killing Spree allows teammates to bro spawn on you.


    Could Bro Spawning be unlocked through certain locations on the map? Stand in a specific area to force your dead teammate to respawn on you?


    Could the spawn system be improved by giving players more control over their respawns or should the system be automated?

  4. As interesting as an alternate firing mode would be, I think that just properly tuning the bloom expansion rate/reset ratio to punish full auto spraying and reward slow burst-firing would be a lot simpler and in familiar line with previous incarnations.

    Also, 1.8 second killtime? That sounds even worse than the Reach AR, which was already a painfully slow 19sk. That is the literal definition of useless. I don't think the current niche abilities from CE make up for for lack of damage that much.

    And no, I don't think it needs a scope either. Although if it did, the bloom should be worse to offset the magnification.

    If the projectile Magnum was a 4 shot kill with a 1.0 second kill time, that would mean that two missed shots would up the kill time to 1.66 seconds, three missed shots to 1.99 seconds.


    With the Assault Rifle being hitscan, I think giving Magnum users the ability to miss 2 shots and still beat the AR is good, considering the Magnum is more difficult to use effectively.


    In addition, giving the AR an accurate burst mode would stop competitive players from hating on it as a social starting weapon so much.

  5. What is the purpose of a scope? To increase effective range.


    Should the Assault Rifle have a scope? No.


    Should the Assault Rifle have some mechanic to increase its effective range? Yes.


    The AR is full auto with bloom. Good for close range.


    Click scope to toggle the weapon into a five round burst with vertical recoil. Good for medium range.


    The length of the burst coupled with the vertical recoil and lack of zoom prevent it from being effective at long range.


    20 shots to kill at 1.8 seconds in either mode.

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  6. An actual non-shit BR/DMR + Magnum combo would be pretty cool as a mainstream load-out. Lets the pistol take a "sidearm" role but really acts as extra magazine ammo for the primary if it's balanced well. Negates the need for a bunch of precision clones to be placed around the map.

    I am of the opinion that players should only spawn with the utility weapon. It encourages movement, even if its only to pick up a mid tier weapon and it makes it easier to pick up a second weapon when you don’t have to switch to the weapon you want to drop before picking up a new one.


    As for the DMR, I wouldn’t make it a spawn weapon. I would make it a map pick up in BTB. It has a higher magnification scope and deals increased damage to vehicles at the cost of reticle bloom (which doesn’t matter when you’re shooting at something as large as a vehicle). I would make the Needle Rifle able to get supercombines against vehicles too. Now you have two “anti vehicle” precision rifles. One that deals low damage with every shot and one that deals high damage after a number of shots.


    Arena really doesn’t need multiple precision rifles, especially when they’re as similar as a DMR and a Magnum.

  7. I always thought it would be cool if instead of tracking people the fully charged PP shot just traveled slowly in a straight line but could be shot with a precision weapon to make it explode. It would give people even more reason to use the PP and the “noob combo” would actually become a skillful, awesome combo.

    I don’t think that’s a bad idea but it requires too much commitment. You have to use both your weapon slots, have a specific combo of weapons, and switch weapons and fire while the orb is traveling. I think the reason the noob combo works is because the overcharged Plasma Pistol is “fire and forget”. I feel like the Shock Combo is hard enough to pull off effectively on its own. Requiring two separate weapons to pull it off would make it too much of a hassle imo.


    If there was a battery powered precision rifle, it would have an unused button (Reload) that the orb could be assigned to.

  8. idk charge weapons never are fun, and are super annoying if they’re on a precision weapon

    I think it would be interesting to have a precision rifle that can kill fast and never has to reload but can never get more than one kill at the maximum rate of fire. 7 shots to kill, 10 shots at maximum rate of fire before overheating. You pace your kills. It also forces you to commit to a single enemy. If you put more than three shots into one enemy, you can’t switch targets and still get the minimum kill time.

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  9. Do you think a semi automatic, precision rifle that has a battery instead of a magazine could work well in Halo? Aside from the Beam Rifle, it seems like any weapon that is headshot capable always has a magazine rather than a battery. I wonder if there’s a reason for that.


    I’m picturing something like the Carbine. Accurate with a fast rate of fire, kills in like 7 shots with a headshot, overheats after 10 shots fired as fast as possible. Is there any reason a weapon like this wouldn’t work?

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  10. If you're not aiming for the body before the killshot in any Halo, you're wrong, especially in H3. The fact that you should aim center mass to mitigate spread doesn't make a difference. It's not like you should be aiming for the head on the first 3 shots in other Halos anyways.


    Also, comparing the BR to anything that isn't a BR is irrelevant to the topic. So talking about the burst fire nature doesn't really make sense, since anything you're comparing it to has the same trait.

    @@TheIcePrincess, which one do you think is the best?

    To be fair, in Halo 4, I would use the Carbine and go for all headshots because it would make it harder for my target to see.

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  11. Seems like we really just need a sandbox that's balanced a bit better.

    I still maintain that H5 made steps in the right direction but didn't quite get there. I'm really hoping that the trajectory continues with Infinite and that lessons about things such as Sniper Rifles and persistent UI elements for static spawning items are learned and acted on.

    Do you have any thoughts on how to better balance the sandbox?


    Yes Slayer has been the weakest gametype ever since H2, everyone knows that. But your hypothesis that Flags offer the same sort of incentive for movement as power items simplifies things to an absurd level.

    Your version of CTF has two "items" that always spawn in the same location and are carried between these two points. And to score, you basically do the same thing 3-5 times in a row. Not saying that's a completely terrible gametype, but without power items spawning at set times, it quickly devolves into Onslaught CTF. You never have to change your strategy to go pick up an item, just slay till 4 down, pull the flag and watch the spawns. Rinse and repeat. It's cool to have one gametype like that in rotation, but not all flag maps need to play like that.


    In gametypes with power weapons with non-awful settings (this hypothetically includes TS, but hasn't in 14 years) power weapons spawn in different locations all around the map, they spawn at different times and at different times different combinations of power items can be coming up. Is it that much of a stretch to say this has more depth and requires more tactical thinking than worrying about a maximum of two flags being at play?

    Well said. It can’t be put any simpler than this.

  12. As an alternate discussion, in case fatigue is setting in, how do you guys feel about this:

    Sanctuary TS

    Dynamic player spawns like H2A, and unlike v7

    Static item spawns

    Sword in mid, every 3 minutes. Maybe reduced ammo?

    No snipe at the start.

    On odd minutes, an OS spawns at red rocks, and a snipe spawns at blue snipe.

    On even minutes, a camo will spawn in blue rocks, and a snipe will spawn at red snipe.

    This creates incentive to control different parts of the map at different times, make difficult decisions, improves the pace of the gametype, maintains importance of ring control, and adds a “sniper versus powerup” dynamic that I think would be fun.

    In CTF I think dueling camos in the rocks every 2 minutes, alongside sniper spawns, would make for REALLY interesting gameplay.

    What do you guys think? Is making symmetrical maps play asymmetrically in Slayer a good path to go down?

    That’s a cool idea. A dynamic spawn Sanctuary is one map where an idea like this could really work. Plus, the layout you are spawning the items in (rocks and opposing snipe) seems like it would make it difficult to control both because your team would have to slice the map the “wrong” way (perpendicular to the normal midline). This weapon layout and alternating timing also seems like it would promote cyclical movement around the map instead of just holding mid and dominating one side of the map like static Sanc encourages.
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  13. Except they do. Cuz the map is still the same layout. Do you send 2 to flank one side? Do you 3-1 split the map? Do you push 2 and 2? The resource management is still there it's just not to obtain a free kill weapon. You still make choices on where and how you're gonna push. But I guess maps that dont have a ton of power weapons have literally no movement or skill at all.

    Have you ever seen a team send three players into the enemy flag? No, one player goes in while the others cover spawns. This is not the same as fighting over a neutral power weapon.


    Look, I understand because a power weapon and a flag are both things you can pick up off the map that if you boil it down to the most general sense that anything you say about one you can say about the other but in reality that’s not how it plays out.


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