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  1. A tank has unlimited ammo. Is it really so gamebreaking to let one player block a shot from it?
  2. It’s not every player in the game that can do it off every spawn. It’s equipment you pick up on the map so in a BTB match, one or two players on each team could get to the center faster every 30-60 seconds. Makes gameplay more dynamic. There could even be paths that only a hoverboard can cross. Like a gorge that you gotta do a wall ride to get over that regular infantry can’t cross.
  3. Overshield protects you too. Is there that big of a difference between eating shots with OS and eating shots with hardlight Shield? I just thought it would be cool to pop it out for a second to deflect a scorpion shot or something.
  4. I see what you are saying but rather than look at as strictly offensive/defensive you could look at it as counter plays to other items. Hardlight shield counters rockets. Trip Mine counters vehicles. By having a counter to rockets it allows the player with hardlight shield to play offensively. By having a counter to vehicles it allows the player with trip Mine to play offensively.
  5. The difference between Speedboost and hoverboard would be that the hoverboard is always moving forward, you just turn left and right whereas with Speedboost you can stop and strafe.
  6. I couldn’t find any videos of good hoverboard gameplay but here is some UT3 to give you a rough idea of what it could look like.
  7. I imagine Tripmine and Hoverboard would be exclusive to BTB. I would think of Hoverboard similarly to the mancannons on Valhalla. Off spawn players could quickly move away from the base but not keep the ability to escape gunfights once they reach the middle of the map. As for Hologram being useless, I think being able to send three out in rapid succession, in different directions, could definitely help confuse an enemy. One reason I like Hardlight Shield is to help balance asymmetrical maps. If it’s easier for one team to get rockets the other team can counter with hardlight shield. Plus it would be a good balancing factor for infantry vs vehicles in BTB.
  8. Hey there. I was thinking if Halo dropped sprint then Equipment could come back. I think these would be cool. What do you guys think? Thruster - 3 uses Jetpack - fuel drains as its used Hoverboard (single use sprint that you can fire while using) - fuel drains as its used Hologram - 3 uses Regen - 1 use Power Drain - 1 use Trip Mine - 1 use Hardlight Shield - fuel drains as its used

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