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  1. Shotgun - Magnum - Sniper I believe that, in BTB or larger game modes, a weapon can exist between the Magnum and the Sniper. My reasoning for this is as follows. On 4v4 arena maps, the Sniper is no scoping or using the first zoom level the vast majority of the time. The second zoom level is rarely used. There is no dead space between the Magnum and the Sniper’s niches. In BTB, where a sniper may be using the second zoom level quite often, there is a no man’s land between the Magnum’s niche and the Sniper’s second zoom level. This is where I think a weapon like a DMR or Needle Rifle would fit in quite nicely. Well, Invasion is asymmetric by nature, attackers and defenders. The maps are asymmetric. Giving the two teams asymmetric traits and weapons further separates this unique gametype from the standard spartan vs spartan equal starts gameplay that is present in the rest of the game. Having unique game modes is a good thing.
  2. Halo Reach had both the DMR and the Needle Rifle. The weapons operated similarly and occupied the same niche so they could be considered “redundant bloat”. On the other hand, having both weapons allowed Invasion to equip each team with weapons appropriate to that team’s species. Similarly, Elite Slayer would feel janky if Elites were spawning with DMRs. Is it OK to add sandbox bloat if it, 1, provides players with more varied gametypes and, 2, doesn’t negatively affect the rest of the sandbox?
  3. Or you could design a social starting weapon that fulfills both the role of a closer range spray and pray automatic and a longer range precision weapon so that beginners can still have fun while more advanced players can demonstrate skill.
  4. How would you guys feel about condensing the Plasma Pistol and The Needler into one weapon? You could toggle the new Plasma Pistol between firing fully automatic, low damage projectiles that home in on enemies or charging then firing a single projectile that homes in and deshields? The Plasma Pistol’s primary fire is rarely used, and the Needler is pretty weak on its own so why not turn two crappy weapons into one decent weapon.
  5. I like this idea and I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Here’s the conclusion I’ve come to. Rather than having a power up that gives all weapons bonus health damage, what about one weapon that only damages health. Like a Forerunner Pistol, it’s semi auto and not headshot capable but deals all damage directly to health. It could be interesting because it puts you on your own in a gunfight. Shots from your teammates will only deplete your enemy’s shield which your weapon already ignores. Could be a useful counter to Overshield as well. I’m picturing the weapon with a low damage per shot but a fast rate of fire.
  6. I would say range should be something like two Warthog lengths. I am envisioning it as a kind of close quarters weapon. I wouldn’t have the outgoing projectile curve at all, it just goes straight at where you fired it. On the return trip is where the projectile would curve as it is trying to get back to you from where it is. The projectile would travel relatively slow so you would have a chance to move around and create an angle for it to curve back to you on. I was even considering if you threw it at a wall, it would stick into it for a brief period, and you could jump up on it like a little ledge to make a higher jump off of but I’m not sure if that’s too abusable. I’m also trying to think of a better name for it than a boomerang.
  7. For me, the H3 BR just felt so inconsistent online compared to H2 so it doesn’t really matter if the maps were arguably better because Halo with an unreliable utility is like building on quicksand. On paper Halo 3 is better. In reality, not so much. I think the concept of Equipment is cool but executed poorly in H3.
  8. What do you guys think about a boomerang style weapon that travels forward a short distance then returns to the user? On the outgoing trip, the projectile deals light damage but on the return trip it deals heavy damage. Hitting an enemy with the outgoing and incoming projectile is lethal. The user can strafe to curve the projectile’s return trajectory. If the projectile hits a wall, it sticks into it for a short time, preventing the user from firing again.
  9. What do you guys think about Equipment primarily meant to combat aerial vehicles? The first is basically the Missile Pod but instead of being a Support Weapon, it is a shoulder mounted launcher like The Predator wears. It can lock on to targeted aerial vehicles then the user can semi automatically fire a limited number of homing missiles. The second is a Tractor Beam. Instead of destroying the vehicle, it pulls it towards you so you can hijack it.
  10. You could give it a time limit and add a purple glow to the guy using it, no problem. It’s kinda crazy that you think Speedboost is better because it hinders your ability to change direction. Why would anyone fight over a power up that makes their strafe worse? Yes, a decent player may be able to dodge a rocket. But that’s because he possesses an equivalent power up. Is it also unfair that a Camo guy is harder to snipe? No because he has an equivalent power up. It’s not like this is an off spawn ability. The enemy secured a power up. They should gain something from it. It’s not like what you guys want is even that hard to make, gameplay wise. Accurate, low aim assist, projectile utility weapon with a ~1.0 second kill time. A clean, crisp strafe. Static weapon timers. Good arena maps. Power ups that don’t require an animation to activate. Classic gametypes. I would honestly prefer is they started with zbns Reach and modified that with a better strafe, static timers, etc. At least it has a good UI and tons of gametypes already.
  11. I don’t think the ability to evade needs to be tied to shields or anything other than its normal recharge timer. You can’t fire during it and if you use it poorly, like evading towards or away from an enemy looking at you, he is going to get two shots into you before you can even begin firing back. Did you see how most of the time he was using it to flank and attack from unexpected angles? That’s where I think Evade really shines. Use it stupidly and you’ll probably die in your first gun fight. Use it smart and it can be an invaluable map traversal tool. Even at 2:18, the guy didn’t really use it to “escape”. He used it to juke, reposition, and attack when he had more of an advantage. That was smart and not cheap at all in my eyes. And yes, these things should be map pick ups only. No enhanced abilities off spawn. Everyone has a fair chance to get them and only one person has it at a time.
  12. It’s difficult to have a power up that is worth fighting for but not too overpowered. I thought Evade walked that line well. It definitely provided a good advantage but the player could still be killed in many circumstances. It also did something completely different than Camo and OS which was refreshing to play and to watch. Unlike Speedboost where the player is constantly zipping around the map, Evade was more measured. Evade into an area, fight some enemies, evade into the next area. Movement was normal for a large portion of the time but with intermittent uses of enhanced movement.
  13. Why don’t you like it? Goes too far? Changes hitbox? Unlimited uses? Or are you against any enhanced movement?
  14. Reach MLG Evade was awesome. Everyone agrees on that right?
  15. I rarely ever saw anyone pick up the Jetpack in the Reach MLG playlist... If it was such a huge advantage I feel like people would have been using it a lot more.
  16. Depends on if there is regenerating health or not. If health regenerates then partial damage (not killing your enemy) is pretty pointless. If health doesn’t regenerate then it could be worthwhile. But you would be removing some of the intuitiveness from gun battles. Shields popping show you can now be killed. Players dieing that still have shields might confuse people. I just don’t really see the difference between a standard damage boost that damages shields faster vs a damage boost that bleeds through if they both turn a five shot kill weapon into a three shot kill weapon. I feel like the standard damage boost would be more intuitive if the end result is going to be the same anyway.
  17. Jetpack Direction: unidirectional vertical Relative speed: slow Duration: medium Thruster Direction: omnidirectional horizontal Relative speed: fast Duration: short Hoverboard Direction: unidirectional horizontal Relative speed: medium Duration: long I feel like these three Equipment each enhance mobility in their own unique way. Jetpack takes you up, Thruster quickly dodges, hoverboard takes you forward. I can’t really think of any other ways a player would need to move. We aren’t digging tunnels under the ground, running up walls, or thrusting vertically. Changing enhanced mobility from base traits to equipment pick ups reduces their frequency of use and makes them more desirable because it gives you the ability to move in ways that other players can’t. Power Drain -immediately activated upon deployment -relatively large area of effect -limited duration Trip Mine -not active until driven over -relatively small area of effect -unlimited duration The Power Drain and the Trip Mine are like opposites of each other. One requires you to go to the vehicle while the other requires the vehicle to come to it. One constantly emits an area of effect while the other does nothing until driven over. One runs out of fuel while the other sits there indefinitely. The Hardlight Shield doesn’t directly disrupt vehicles like the Power Drain and Trip Mine. Rather, it gives players the opportunity to move and approach vehicles without being immediately killed by these armored mobile turrets. Hologram and Regen are used to assault positions of power. Like Hardway said, bait an enemy into wasting rockets on a Hologram who strafes into a doorway. Hologram is useful on the smaller arena maps while I picture Regen being used more by the attacking team in an asymmetrical Invasion type of game mode. The defenders have the superior position so the attackers are given Equipment that enhances their vitality. That’s my take on Equipment. Enhance mobility, attack vehicles, and attack power positions.
  18. Unlike UT3, I wouldn’t allow Hoverboard (or any equipment use for that matter) while carrying the flag. My main reason for disliking deployable cover is that it can be used to block paths by dropping it in front of doorways and such. While you could potentially do the same with hardlight shield at least you would have to stand there and hold it plus it has a limited duration. And I know it sounds silly but I could see some possible strategies that involve a player with hardlight shield crouching and looking up to create a little ramp for a ghost to ride off of. Maybe there is no natural pathway for the ghost to ride up normally and the cooperation of a teammate with the right Equipment is the only way for the ghost to get up there.
  19. I feel like the hardlight Shield should be able to absorb an unlimited amount of damage with the limiting factor being the time it can be deployed before draining all its “fuel”. Otherwise it’s just an Overshield that you have to manually deploy, takes away your ability to shoot, and only protects your front. I don’t agree with bleedthrough on the Hardlight shield either. If you have one second left on it and get hit with a tank round it should still protect you. My reasoning for this is that it has a limited duration, a limited protection vector, and the player has to manually time its deployment. If you don’t like that you can’t deal damage with the hardlight shield out, you could always change it to act similar to a one way shield door. You keep your weapon out and you can shoot through it but it still blocks incoming shots.
  20. It gives the player a chance to mount an attack against the vehicle.

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