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  1. I’ve made my arguments for why maps play better with items that incentivize map movement. Let me hear some arguments for how gameplay would benefit from a lack of items that promote map movement.
  2. Why would a team risk losing their lead to secure another capture when they could just play defensively and run the clock out?
  3. @@TheIcePrincess In a Halo without power ups or power weapons, what incentive does a team in the lead have to do anything but play defensively? Could they try to push to increase their lead? Sure but doing so could also cost them their current lead so why risk it? The answer is they risk moving from their advantageous positions so they can secure power items so at the very least the other team doesn’t acquire them and use that advantage against them. Without power items, gaining the lead then turtling becomes the dominant strategy which is shallow and boring. Do you disagree?
  4. I disagree with the idea that the attacking team only has to get one kill then the defense falls apart. The idea behind turtling is that to even get that one kill, the attacker would have to put himself in a disadvantageous position, likely taking damage in the process and being easily cleaned up by another defender. I’ll pose the same question to you, in a Halo without power ups or power weapons, what incentive does a team in the lead have to do anything but play defensively? Could they try to push to increase their lead? Sure but doing so could also cost them their current lead so why risk it? The answer is they risk moving from their advantageous positions so they can secure power items so at the very least the other team doesn’t acquire them and use that advantage against them. Without power items, gaining the lead then turtling becomes the dominant strategy which is shallow and boring. Do you disagree?
  5. @@Pyroteq I agree that burst weapons don’t belong in SWAT. I disagree that it shouldn’t be a playlist because it has consistently been the third most popular playlist in past Halo games, behind BTB and TS. Why take something away that so many people enjoy just because it doesn’t fit your view of how Halo should be played when it in no way affects how you want to play Halo?
  6. Turtling doesn’t mean have all four players hide inside the base. Back down from less advantageous fights, force enemies to move into less advantageous positions. Basically, force the enemy to take all the risks while you enjoy all the advantages. If I am misunderstanding you, please explain further.
  7. @@TheIcePrincess So once a team gets the lead, their best strategy is to turtle up and play defensively for the entire rest of the match. Do you think that makes for fun, interesting gameplay? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turtling_(gameplay) “Turtling is a gameplay strategy that emphasizes heavy defense, with little or no offense. Ostensibly, turtling minimizes risk to the turtling player while baiting opponents to take risks in trying to overcome the defenses. In practice, however, games are often designed to punish turtling through various game mechanics. Consequently, while turtling strategies are usually simple enough for novices to learn and are effective as such, they are easily defeated by experienced players who understand the game's methods to counter turtling.” Without power ups or power weapons, what mechanics punish turtling in Halo?
  8. @@TheIcePrincess In a game of CTF, where red team is winning 2-0, what incentive do they have to move themselves into a less advantageous position without on map pick ups like power ups and power weapons? In the same vein, what are the chances of blue team successfully wiping out a team who is set up and playing defensively, when there are no power ups or power weapons on the map? Can you see that power items encourage a winning team to move and allow a losing team to push successfully? Are there any power weapons in any Halo games that you believe require skill to operate effectively?
  9. @@Pyroteq I think SWAT teaches a lot of valuable skills in Halo. Quickly lining up precision headshots, predicting spawns and player movement, how to give quick precise callouts, knowing when to challenge and when to back down, knowing when to throw that crouch/jump/strafe in at the perfect moment to throw your enemy’s aim off. I wouldn’t write it off as a casual, party gametype like you could with something like Griffball. If anything, it could be argued that SWAT is closer to CE than most modern Halo gametypes because one player can quickly wipe out an entire enemy team if he is skilled enough because he possesses a weapon that allows him to do so.
  10. You say sniper no scopes are impressive but shooting at a Camo guy is obnoxious. Aren’t they both the same thing? Using your weapon without aim assist? You say that that OS is just a mindless run forward mechanic that let’s him beat you in a one on one gunfight but wouldn’t you be just as mad if he sat in his fortified base the whole game and never moved, forcing you to attack him from a disadvantaged position every time, resulting in you losing those one on one gunfights too? From what I gather, you aren’t against the concept of power ups and power weapons. You understand that powerful pick ups are neccessary to create player movement around the map but you feel like the current line up does not require skill to use. Am I understanding you correctly? As for power weapons, how do you feel about the Reach Grenade Launcher? Does that weapon require skill to use effectively? Can that weapon be contested by a skilled player?
  11. I don’t know how people can watch Halo 5. I watched a stream for a few minutes the other day and it seems like the Sniper gets headshots if they go anywhere remotely close to an enemy.
  12. I never realized how good Reach’s Firefight was until it was gone. Even if they were reused from campaign, you had a ton of playspaces dedicated to the mode. Then you have multiple gametypes, vast customization, various abilities. It was like its own standalone game. Even the way Bungle incorporated Firefight into campaign as the Lone Wolf mission, masterful imo.
  13. I don’t know how feasible this is for 343 but they should have some servers, not playlists, that players can jump in and out of. Tour de Walsh on Midship, Tower of Power on Ascension, type of games that can go on for a really long time.
  14. What do you think about some kind of “enhanced senses” equipment? Like, enemy footprints stay visible for a short time after running through an area or enemy gunshots give off visible sound waves that can be seen through walls. Grenades are highlited and bullet contrails are more visible.
  15. @@Apoll0 I’m not so sure about hover as a base trait. It seems like it’s similar to Halo 4’s not being descoped when shot. If you go to make a jump shot and miss the timing, you shouldn’t be able to hover there and wait for it. What are the positives about hover?
  16. Not being talented isn’t a choice these players are making. You refusing to communicate with your team is a choice you are making. You could offer them advice on how to play better instead of just picking up their easy clean ups. You always seem angry with your shitty teammates but it’s really hard to feel bad for you when you won’t lift a finger to try to help them play better. Things you may think are basic may not be to them. I know I wouldn’t have been at the skill level I was at without random players teaching me things about the game. And it’s not like they were doing it out of some charitable, noble intention. They wanted their teammate to play better so they told him how.
  17. @@Hard Way I think forced spawns could work even better in games with higher player counts. Kinda like a remote spawn beacon that all players could use. There could even be forced spawns that require multiple teammates to pull off, like if Player A stands a Spot A and Player B stands at Spot B then Player C will respawn at a spot that is otherwise unavailable. It keeps the CE aspect of thinking about your teammates spawns but requires coordination to pull off with a potentially greater reward.
  18. The game could have a custom search parameter like “Prefer Teammates in Gamechat”. I understand why there’s all this talk about game chat in ranked but it just seems ironic that SOCIAL Slayer has become quite the opposite. Good video. What do you think would need to change about CE’s spawn system to better accommodate larger playercounts like 4v4 and 8v8?
  19. What do you think about Jetpack having a double jump kind of ability. Hold the Equipment button to gradually rise a high distance or tap jump while airborne to quickly rise a short distance. This way it could be used on smaller, enclosed maps and during combat.
  20. I’m not sure that suspensions are the right way to deal with quitters in a low population game. Maybe something like a “Quit Rank” that matches quitters with other quitters would be better than further reducing an already dwindling population.
  21. @@Hootspa Wouldn’t increased magnetism be detrimental to a player trying to lead his shots with a projectile weapon? Like, he is trying to put his reticle in front of his enemy but the magnetism keeps pulling his reticle onto his enemy instead. Or you mean like bullet magnetism, like curving bullets? Anyway, here’s an idea for a new kind of turret. Picture something like this but with less cover for the operator: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cd/Erco-Ball-Turret.jpg Like traditional turrets, the ball turret spawns mounted in one location. The operator can aim and fire but not move. Unlike traditional turrets, the operator can choose to detach the ball turret from its mount, allowing him to travel around the map the like a vehicle. Furthermore, while mounted on a base (let’s call it a Hoverpad), the operator can choose to teleport himself and the turret between up to three other Hoverpads, allowing him to cover different approaches. A central teambase could have Hoverpads located at the north, south, east and west outlooks. A teambase at one end of the map could have Hoverpads at Left-low, left-high, Right-low, and right-high (the lows for incoming infantry and ground vehicles while the highs defend against incoming aerial vehicles). While mounted on a Hoverpad, the turret’s health regenerates. Even with regenerating health, the turret could still be destroyed by a series of high damage attacks within a short period of time. While dismounted, the mobile turret’s health does not regenerate, allowing it to be destroyed by low damage attacks over a longer period of time.
  22. @@Hard Way An alternative approach to the MVP power up could be a trait zone. Imagine Oddball on Midship with a hillzone bottom mid(or on Guardian with a hill zone top mid). Holding the ball in the hill earns double points point. This still allows for double points but is not limited to a single player for a limited duration and requires the player to be in vulnerable position.
  23. @@Ramirez77 A Spawn Beacon would require input from players during their respawn timer: choose regular spawn by letting the timer run down or beacon spawn by pressing a button. Since players don’t normally need to make decisions during their respawn timer, this could cause the spawn beacon to go underused merely from players not paying attention or even realizing it is an option during those brief few seconds. I think a better way to accomplish a similar goal would be an “Exit Node” piece of equipment. Each base would have a permanent Entrance Node built into its geometry that is inactive until a player acquires the exit node equipment and deploys it on the map. The end result is similar in that players can immediately bypass portions of the map but requires no input during respawn. Using an exit node also gives players a visual cue as to when it can be used. The base’s entrance node would go from dark to lit up, showing players that it is active and can be used. Since players spawn in or near their base anyway, the few extra seconds it would take to travel through the teleporter are insignificant. Also, it would allow players to be more prepared because they chose, themselves, to enter the teleporter. They weren’t just dropped out front of the enemy base off respawn like a spawn beacon could do. Something to think about. The MVP power up. I like the idea but it seems like an uninteresting way of gaining more points. Like, an Overshield helps a player to gain more kills by enhancing his vitality. Damage Boost helps a player gain more kills by enhancing his damage output. Speedboost helps a player get more kills by enhancing his movement. Camo helps a player get more kills by enhancing his stealth capabilities. Power ups indirectly help a player gain more points by enhancing some aspect of his base traits. MVP cuts out the middle man, directly increasing the player’s point gaining ability. I find it more interesting to enhance a specific base trait and have the increased points gained come as a result of that. I like the Key power up a lot and have some thoughts of my own on it that I will share with you at some point.

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