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  1. Nice to see some legit Halo teams forming again. It's been too long already.
  2. You don't fire the composer of your game's soundtrack before the game has even come out. Especially not "without cause". Come on Bungie.
  3. Glad to see people finally getting their money. This pretty much confirms though that Brad probably could have gotten everyone the money way earlier but didn't because he could get away with it. Only now when he's forced to because his deal with HiRez is at stake does he pay out. That's fucked up.
  4. CE: spawn system / nading powerups and weapons H2: maps H3: ranks Reach: 100% the menu / lobby screen etc. H4: netcode
  5. Powerhouse KotH, underrated and underexplored map in my opinion.
  6. What a joke. RIP compLexity.
  7. Halo Waypoint user Bucknut110 said it well: "I think you got competitive confused with random."
  8. CE: Damnation, Prisoner, Hang 'Em High H2: Lockout, Midship, Sanctuary H3: Construct, The Pit, Guardian Reach: Countdown, Zealot, Powerhouse H4: Abandon, Haven, Skyline Not including remakes/forge maps, that is.
  9. Here's hoping H3 being free next week makes matchmaking playable again. I miss this game.
  10. The European scene not using Ghost's settings is stupid.
  11. Here's mine: Halo Reach ZBNS is amazing and a lot better than both Halo 3 and Halo 4 The Reach campaign is absolutely amazing and easily one of the best in the series I like Halo CE more for its campaign than its multiplayer Skyline is way overrated Halo CE was competitive purely by accident, and not because Bungie intended it to be and designed it that way Standoffs between teams like on Lockout are both intense and fun to watch (most of the time) Salot's Lockout remake was great and we should have kept it in the competitive settings It was also my favorite map (Forge and non Forge) to play in Halo 4 until Onyx came out I'm a big proponent of using Forge remakes for competitive settings, we should do it a lot more often The Crimson Map Pack was great and had some of the best BTB maps ever (Shatter and Wreckage) Team Snipers is competitively viable Isolation was a good and fun map
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