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  1. What's goin' on everyone? I'm from Atlantic Canada and I want to get into the competitive scene of Halo very soon. I've met a ton of interesting players online with so many different skill sets and playstyles. I've been trying my absolute best to seek out a few players in the online competitive community that would be interested in forming a team. My timezone is ADT. I have a lot of time during the week and the weekend to practice. I go to classes for IT Networking 4 hours per day and when I arrive home I turn on the system and start playing. I know there are so many things I need to improve, especially my accuracy, but it's also really helpful to get insight on what you could improve from other players. Anyways, please feel free to send me an add on Xbox. I don't care what skill set or rank you are, I just want to play with those who are willing to communicate and have a good time. Oh, and also get that "W" of course. Cheers.
  2. I'm located in New Brunswick, Canada. I want to get heavy into the Halo competitive scene, especially in preparation for Infinite. I mostly play Team Arena and FFA at the moment. GT: Rankwise

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