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  1. I still play a couple times a week, always try to search HC when I'm on but cannot find a game. Sep still plays as well(good bit of H3.) and Gregor plays every day since he's been with 343. Always end up having to go into the composer to find H2 games.
  2. Changed it to removing ranks in it. I cant even find a game.
  3. I agree on FFA playlist 100%. Remove H2 Hardcore cause it's dead. Put FFA under competitive but have no ranks. Low population is why. Let the cats do their thing pink 2 on Middy/Lock. I'm really not sure about the slider options in cartographer though (FOV for one.) let's keep people on equal playing fields.
  4. Spell checked it. Appreciated. Spawns were improved, we did a list a while back. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rV9TzdUXXBqSlXZTr-K8WNjijhIsanVnkYtLdzaEHFQ/edit?usp=sharing I am talking with someone from cartographer and he likes the list. Bullet velocitiy for sniper is raised on cartographer from default 1200 to 4000.
  5. Been a while since I came here. Postums asked for a current list of issues from H2 and I've been working on one. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k15N0DlY83jkZ9UsFE4QOC2aoy2ST41WbOzRagoBvdA/edit?usp=sharing Def need opinions on this. Anything I could add/adjust.
  6. Its solid and I'll be glad if they put that in MCC. But the timing(you have to press the trigger twice as fast) of doubleshots is not the same in vista as in OG. The vista guys are working to try and get it like og and it would fix bouncing too! I tested what they were working on and the rendering was 60 fps standing still but when you'd move it felt like 30 fps and had the old timing/bounces.
  7. Tickrates – A single update of a game simulation is known as a "tick." The rate at which the simulation is run on a server is referred often to as the server's tickrate; this is essentially the server equivalent of a client's frame rate, absent any rendering system. When the Vista port was created for Halo 2, the “tickrate” was updated from 30 to 60, which resulted in the fire rate of some weapons inadvertently changing. There are also some similar oddities that have been discovered with AI fire rates that appears to be linked to the shift from 30hz to 60hz. Sean has been working on digging into this and identifying areas where this can be adjusted to more accurately replicate the original Xbox experience. This is ongoing but eventually is an area where the team will definitely want community feedback once this work hits a public flight build. Hopefully they can get the timing of the doubleshot/rrbx back to OG and not just using the fire rate mod like vistas. Glad Dersky and co reached out to us!
  8. I honestly don't think its a big difference. Haven't played on tube tv H2 in a good while. The stretched res on monitors for OG could make the dot bigger.
  9. I had a second render where I showed radar comparisons + fall damage. Updated in my original post.
  10. ***Updated video to show spawn demo + difference in radar and that fall damage wasn't in OG*** Proximity spawning for team slayer, oddball, koth are very noticeable. CTF and bomb spawns are pretty much OG. Also the competitive H2 players have a priority list of things wrong with H2 MCC. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rV9TzdUXXBqSlXZTr-K8WNjijhIsanVnkYtLdzaEHFQ/edit#gid=0 Our main focus was the top 11 issues but if you scroll down you will see custom game browser request which got confirmed.
  11. I feel the spawn system in 1.5 was a little less predictable and would give your teammate(s) more of a chance to spawn away from a cluster of combat.
  12. While I doubt they actually give a fuck and will fix H1/H2 specifically, here are some things I know need fixing in H2: Spawns: The spawns are easily predictable in this game especially in TS/Ball/Koth gametypes. You spawn with your teammates 99% of the time, I feel that this current build of H2V is set on the 1.1 update spawn system from OG when instead it should be on the latest 1.5 Trading: Trading was RARE in H2, only situations I recall trading in OG was when the host pooped out a shotgun blast or a grenade. You can obviously tell something could be fixed because a lot of the time when you kill someone, you see their br STILL FUCKING FLOATING and shooting an extra shot even when their body is falling. Radar: The radar in Halo 2 should not be pulsating, it needs to be constant and never refresh. Emblems: This should be addressed for Halo 2 because emblems are actually over the players head in-game. Shot registration: While the shot registration feels great sometimes, there is also a problem with un-scoped shot reg. I.E. In OG I can un-scope out BR someone from red eli to pink street on middy fairly easily whereas on MCC version I have to scope in 99% of the time to get the full registration. Same goes for long distance sniping, on OG I can 5x scope someone from small tower to big tower on ascension and on MCC I find myself having to go 10x most of the time to make sure it fully registers.
  13. Been a long time coming but we finally got the montage done after many delays!
  14. If you can fix the team spawns to be more like the OG 1.5 update then that would definitely make some people want to play it! Right now the spawns on H2C mcc are a clusterfuck and it was like that when i played h2v.
  15. This. Once we started to get the right influx of players on our tier of communication (kaka, sep7) we started taking games off of them. Guys like Gregor and Scotty too we would have done much better as well. Its just you cant take two videos against pickup squads out of context and say "they romped us" when we didn't have the right mix on at the time. It was def a great experiece playing a better squad to try and bring it up another level.
  16. Played 2 games of h2c and got hit offline 3rd game, No wonder why I don't play this garbage.
  17. Major downfall to halo is the maps. Just look at H4/H5's selections... you have ppl forging smaller maps in h4 to be more competitive but...all the structures had exact same coloration(reach lol) and in H5 you can easily tell they didnt do shit to design them maps to have their own distinctiveness. ala empire and w/e that map is in h5...same map but kinda inverted in a way. Cod makes their own unique maps....halo tries to rely on forge...
  18. The spawns on H2C are so fkn garbage I'm playing in obj and they only get close games because they spawn right next to our guy pulling flag...aha...hah...aha... i'm going to have to make a video about this garbage....these people are getting outplayed the fuck out and still getting close. Sanc and War are the only ones that play like it was in OG Vista iLOL Lockout has turned into the worst map because of this shit.
  19. Whoever plays the TS playlist can you PLEASE play the Halo given to you? Of course the gametype might be garbage but YOU ARE RUINING THE PLAYLIST! We are playing ranked matches to get ppl who play Halo...Not just a specific one. If you do not get the Halo/Gametype you like please play it like a man all the way through unless your party gets split up. Quitting just to preserve rank for the flawed system is a joke. YOU should just play for competitive matches. There's a reason TS has 4/5 of the titles in the playlist.
  20. Well compared to assembly AR's its a Godsend lol. the only thing on H2C TS that annoys me is regular ts midship. (and the ppl i play with i say h3 brs over it, but they never play h3 lol.) You start with plasma rifles so u can basically run around the map with a shotgun and rape.
  21. LOL team got split up my last game on ranked earlier and ppls games crashed earlier making it 2v3 etc. ALLLLLLSOOOOO the H2C SHOT REG PATCH JUST WENT BACK TO SHITTIER VERSION so theres that. HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT TO JUST MAKE A GAME THE SAME AS IT USED TO BE AT A HIGHER RESOLUTION AND FRAME RATE?????????????? HOW LAZY DOES ONE HAVE TO BE TO PUT A PC VERSION THAT WAS A SHITTY RIPOFF OF XBOX VERSION BACK ONTO AN XBOX VERSION BUT WASN'T THE ORIGINAL XBOX VERSION????? HOW LOW IS THEIR BUDGET??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? JUST TO DO THAT?

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