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  1. I can't even begin to describe how in favor I am of an H2 4v4 event.
  2. I've stopped jogging in real life because I hate sprint so much.
  3. I just want BR's. It's always felt weird to me to have multiple weapons that serve essentially the same purpose, just with slight variations. Mangum - Battle Rifle - DMR - Carbine. They're all mid range precision weapons, just slightly better or worse in specific situations. (Save for the carbine, which is basically just ammo) I don't like the idea of finding a map pickup that isn't a power weapon, that's better than my starting weapon. Just give everyone BR's and let's fight over powerups and power weapons.
  4. This thread is now r/BoneAppleTea.
  5. I'm just imagining playing Halo KOTH on Ilios and not loving it. I've got a ton of time into Overwatch, and honestly find Halo's KOTH to be far more engaging. A static hill in the center of the map works well in Overwatch because of the dynamics between individual hero's and ultimates and such, but I feel like it would get boring for Halo really fast. Not to mention control is the most snowball prone gametype in OW, and I have to imagine that would be the case in Halo as well.
  6. Did Sab delete his twitter entirely or just change his handle?
  7. Should I finally learn to play on M&K or accept the fact that after two decades with a controller, I'll never be as comfortable with anything else?
  8. There should be a Halo with no shooting. Just to see how good teams are straight up. Kinda annoying that the optimal way to play is a headache inducing jumble of bullets from 8 people. Let's see people play solely off their own melees. Would be godly.
  9. See this is where Halo fucked up. The AI fish in CoD: Ghosts was the marine based innovation Halo should have had.
  10. Unfortunately I don't think that there's any big revolution coming, none that I can think of anyways. CE was basically the first good console shooter, H2 essentially built XBL and was way ahead of its time in terms of its online systems, and H3 introduced a map editor and theater. In terms of revolutions like those, I think we're basically past the point that they're possible. Online gaming has changed so dramatically since those days, that anything Halo could have done to revolutionize itself has already been done by someone else. Just look at movement. "Advanced" movement was all the rage for a while, Halo implements it, and it just feels like a trendchasing half measure to steal people from other franchises. Not only did it not revolutionize Halo, it actively made it worse. I suppose there are little things Halo could do to improve from a non gameplay perspective. Maybe something like an in game tournament viewer, encouraging mod tools, or cross play etc. I'm kind of just spitballing because quite frankly I don't really know, nor do I think an original trilogy level of innovation is even possible any more. I think the best Halo could do is just be completely buttoned up. No more weird gameplay, no more nagging problems like heavy aim, no more weapon tuning updates that essentially break the game, etc. Just a buttoned up experience, with solid gameplay, maps, mechanics, content, social features and support from the moment it launches until the moment Halo 7 comes out.
  11. I think maybe it would be reasonably popular if Halo 5 wasn't an old game that's bad and MCC wasn't even older game that's broken.
  12. I think the only way I'd be okay with "franchising" coming to Halo is if the HCS partnered with MLG to do it, entirely ignored the geographical aspect, and used the old MLG team names. Like really lean in to the nostalgia aspect of the H2 and H3 days. Oh, and never remove open format tournaments because that's absolutely crucial to esports.
  13. I'm trying to figure that out too. Adam and Puckett are done at MLG, and apparently it's the last day for a lot of people as well.
  14. I remember back when the name Reciprocity was announced thinking that it sounded like some kid who really wanted an "OG" gamertag. So then they just flipped through a dictionary trying out different words until they found one that hadn't been taken. The whole RECpack thing is even worse, considering it's referencing Halo 5 and loot boxes. Sucks to see Tom leave though, hopefully he'll be back in the Halo scene in some capacity next year.
  15. ZBNS Reach is something that could actually bring me back to MCC, plus BTB on that game was really fun. I haven't really been keeping up with Halo information lately, do we know if armor customization progress is going to transfer over from Reach, or are we starting all over?
  16. Tim Longo, Infinite's creative director, has apparently left 343... https://kotaku.com/halo-infinite-creative-director-leaves-company-1837312778
  17. I was really hoping this Grassroots thing was going to keep Roy and LBX around until Infinite, and then a miracle would happen, the game would be decent, and they'd continue competing. Unfortunately I really don't see that happening now. It's cool to see Snipedown playing Apex though, and on a controller no less.
  18. You can't show sprint if you don't show gameplay. 343 is playing 3d chess.
  19. Apparently the meeting is happening today. I hope Optic comes back to Halo. I also really like what TOX did after being released from Optic. I'll always have a soft spot for old school console shooter teams, so whether it's with the old roster, or Hecz signs some new players, I'd love to see that brand back in the HCS when Infinite gets here.
  20. Have you guys been keeping up with the Optic news? Apparently there's a bidding war over the Optic brand, and Hecz is one of the three major parties trying to buy. I'm wondering if Hecz regains control of the organization, will he try and get TOX to rejoin Optic? Or will he try to get Optic back into Halo at all?

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