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  1. I eventually stopped playing Reach because of sprint, abilities, and trash maps. I'm going to stop playing Reach on MCC because they made grunt birthday party an early unlock and I can't take it anymore. This progression system is so stupid.
  2. You'd think so, but people want to play trash gametypes. I remember the catalyst to me taking a huge break from Halo a couple years back was seeing BR's on Midship, slayer on Prisoner, and AR's on Snowbound as options, and Snowbound getting all the votes except mine.
  3. At this point I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.
  4. I mean I get where you're coming from. I brought up respect because Arlong was talking about Beyond maybe not being respectful enough to 343 for them to come here. I don't think they're making games out of spite, I do think that spite, and therefore a lack of respect from some people, is a by-product of the direction they chose to take Halo. Agree to disagree I guess.
  5. I didn't mention respect being earned until a later response, but that's a pretty universal concept. Game quality and "respect" of a developer aren't mutually exclusive. It's specifically because of the game quality of H4, MCC, and H5 that I don't respect 343 as a developer. I don't think they made those games with malice, I do think they made them with intent other than making good Halo games. As I said before, I think they've been going out of their way to make "their" version of Halo, and their version of Halo just happens to be slamming a whole bunch of mechanics from other games into Halo to try and appeal to people from other games. Also, I never said it was serious.
  6. Listen, as someone who has been playing Halo for over a decade, no u.
  7. I don't think my take was really all that personal. A bit long winded, sure, but not personal. I don't really see how disrespect isn't an option from 343. Are we really to believe H4 and H5 are the best Halo games they could possibly make? Or is it more likely they wanted to build "Halo" games that serve more as a vessel for mechanics and features from other games, in a thinly veiled attempt to draw in players from other games, and to hell with the classic Halo? I don't think I've ever been disrespectful to a 343 employee, I mean I've had only a handful of interactions with them in my life. I'm not saying people should just scream or be vile to them online, but respect is something you earn, especially as a game developer.
  8. I mean Halo is something I've been into since I was 13, for reference I'm now 31. There are only a few things in my life that I've been into for longer than Halo. So I guess I do take the decline of this franchise somewhat personally, though I don't think that's a bad thing.
  9. I'm obviously speaking for myself, and not Beyond as a whole, but fuck being respectful. Fuck being respectful to a company that doesn't respect the playerbase, nor the legacy of the once legendary franchise that was handed to them. I'm sure there are good people at 343 who know the course needs correction, but there are obviously others that think Halo needs to constantly fit into whatever mold is the most trendy. Fuck that. They've done nothing but repeatedly drop the ball since taking over the franchise, and sugarcoating the problems isn't going to solve a thing. I'll respect them when they put out a Halo game that's worthy of my respect, and so far, nothing even close to that has happened. I don't hate 343, I want them to do good things. I don't hate the people that work there, for the most part I'm sure they're good people just doing their jobs, who also want good things for Halo. I absolutely do hate what they've done to this franchise, and their seeming unwillingness to acknowledge the major problems they themselves have caused. I'm not going to bend the knee if a 343 dev shows up here and say please sir can we maybe, pretty please, think about removing sprint? It doesn't really work and there's not really any balancing that can change that? Please? Again, absolutely, from the bottom of my heart, fuck that.
  10. Microsoft is terrible at naming things. I thought Project Scarlett sounded, but Xbox Series X? That's too many X's man.
  11. You can when the idea is inherently stupid to begin with. Adding an RNG element to shooting, in a first person shooter, is basically the stupidest thing I can think of unless it's done intelligently like it was in CE. If you want to use projectile instead of hitscan, use damage falloff, or in other games use recoil, that's all fine. But to say to the player we're going to punish you, even though your raw mechanical aim was perfect, because you were shooting too fast, is so backwards it almost hurts to think about. Also, correct me if I'm wrong as I haven't been playing that much reach lately, but isn't the kill time of a DMR 5 shot still slower that a BR 4 shot?
  12. Does this mean the amount of games you have? Or things like recordings, screenshots, and achievements, etc?
  13. I caught that feeling as well, about halfway through the reveal trailer when I watched The Power Rangers Spartans basically skiing down a mountain in cartoonish fashion.

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