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  1. Why would anyone bother with Reach when Halo 2 is just sitting there in all its glory?
  2. If Halo 2 BTB makes its way to the main stage I'll lose my fucking mind.
  3. I'm so happy for the REC boys. Roybox, Snipedown and Ola played amazing all event.
  4. I love Tox but man I really hope REC takes this home.
  5. It's crazy how I can go from initially thinking that game was super boring, to thinking it was one of the most intense Pit TS games I've ever seen.
  6. Halo 2 is such an amazing game. I'd love to see the next event with even more showmatches like this, and even some H2 BTB as well.
  7. A lot of players in the Overwatch League end up moving to the city of the team they're playing for. I don't necessarily mind the city based branding, but it does seem somewhat superfluous without home and away games. In traditional sports you get home ice or home field advantage, and to play in front of a crowd of your supporters. That doesn't really happen with esports, at least not yet. And then you get teams based in a city, when all of the players are not only not from that city, but not even from that country. Take the Shanghai Dragons of the OWL for example, a Chinese city with a roster of mostly Korean players. And again, this happens in traditional sports as well, but without the brick and mortar arenas.
  8. Not a bad change IMO, but wouldn't it have been simpler to just make the game end automatically once a team is mathematically beaten, rather than changing the score to win?
  9. Who was the person who decided this online tournament should start at 8PM?

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