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  1. Different strokes. Late game is my favorite part of Apex, lol. I'm sure in the traditional FPS mode the TTK will probably be down compared to everyone having red evo shields in the BR mode.
  2. Well if you're interested, Respawn have teased "new ways to play beyond Battle Royale" coming to Apex. Seems like they're going to do what other studios have done in reverse. Titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield were traditional shooters for years, then they added in BR modes. Apex started off as a Battle Royale, but the thinking is they're going to implement a traditional FPS mode. So basically Titanfall with no Titans, wall running, or jetpacks. I love Apex, but if I'm honest with myself I wouldn't be playing BR's if it wasn't for this game. The idea of a more traditional FPS, with the BR mode in the same game really appeals to me. Especially considering Respawn is the original Infinity Ward. I have no idea how much of the team has moved on since the mid 2000's, but this is technically the same studio that were responsible for some of my favorite CoD maps of all time in CoD2, CoD4, and MW2.
  3. The Respawn devs talked about this in an AMA on the Apex Legends subreddit. They're well aware that when it comes to Titanfall, a lot of people play it for a short amount of time, then move on. It's the aspect of insane movement that drives a lot of people away from Titanfall. In a game like Apex where movement is limited, if you shoot someone, they run around a corner and you chase, you can easily gauge how far they could have gotten by the time you round the same corner. You have this mental image of possibilities of where to look and whatever. In Titanfall, there's so much vertical movement, especially with wallrunning and grapples, that where the enemy could have gone is anyone's guess. Titanfall is a fun game but it burns people out extremely quickly. With Titanfall 1 I played the beta like mad and pretty much lived on the game for a month, and then I just stopped playing completely.
  4. I haven't loaded up MCC in months, but I'm seeing the skins on Twitter and Reddit and what the actual fuck? It's like they took all of their leftover concept art, that was too ugly for H4 and H5, and jammed it into H3 MCC for the sake of new content. I mean talk about... A E S T H E T I C
  5. It looks like the orgs were kept in the dark about the year long delay just like the public was.
  6. Do you know of any other professional video game players whose faces were hanging out with President Obama at the time?
  7. I hate this argument so much. Google FPS games from 2004 - 2007 to see how much competition there was with Halo. It's not that there was no competition, it's that Halo dominated the competition. Halo was an innovator and it set the trends that other games wanted a piece of. Insert Reach, where Halo started copying other games and the decline started. Then Halo gets handed to a company whos entire business model seems to be copying better games, and here we are. Bitter old men talking about a dead franchise that we used to love, a full decade post mortem.
  8. Aesthetically that map just looks like the same shit 343 has been doing since Halo 4 and I'm already over it. Call me a Halo boomer, call me a pessimist, I don't really care. That design style has been tainted by two trash games in a row, and they're using it for a third strait. And of course they show a spartan mid sprint to just stick that dagger in. I mean it was pretty obvious they're not able to build a game without sprint, but it still sucks to see. Also, those boxes look like they're just begging to be clambered on, then a sprint/clamber up to the walkway. It's kind of crazy how just a couple of screenshots can bum me out so much.
  9. If Fortnite gets Master Chief before we do I'm going to lose my mind. I had to watch as Rainbow 6 got Sam Fisher when the Splinter Cell community hasn't gotten a new game since 2013. Now I'm going to watch Master Chief go to fucking Fortnite of all games, when the Halo community hasn't gotten a new game since 2015, and has been without a good game since 2007. What the actual fuck.
  10. If Infinite flops, or at the very least goes the way of Halo 4 and 5, where the games are basically culturally irrelevant within a few months of launch, what happens? Does MS finally say enough is enough and tear down 343, replacing the bulk of the core staff? Do they just strait up hand the Halo franchise to a separate developer? How much longer can Halo exist as both a Microsoft flagship and laughing stock at the same time?
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