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  1. Exactly. This is a good step in the right direction, but utterly pointless if the game isn't up to scratch. And given that we're like 9 months from launch and haven't even seen gameplay yet, it's kind of hard to feel overly optimistic.
  2. Modern Warfare launched with esports, just not for the playerbase, lol.
  3. I'll take literally anything as long as it doesn't have a ton of bloom and isn't the H3 BR.
  4. Watching Halo speedrunning makes me miss Nak3d Eli.
  5. You missed out. There is no greater joy than attending a High School CE LAN, making your name "Got a Woody", sniping the guy who's house your at, hearing him scream WHO'S GOT A WOODY!? from the other room, and having his mom yell at him for it. Simpler times man.
  6. I'm 31, and I feel like I got so lucky in terms of when I grew up. My youth was a very traditional, outdoorsy type childhood. We played street hockey and baseball and stuff, rode our bikes around the neighborhood, went swimming at the quarry, etc. The internet was there, but it wasn't a part of my daily life for the most part. As I got older and into Jr. High and High School, that changed, but in a way that I was ready for. Things like AIM and Myspace were fun to use back then. Talking to friends and girls and stuff, with parents who were way behind the times and didn't really have a clue what we were up to was a blast. Social media existed, but it wasn't this ever present toxic clusterfuck that it is today. It was literally social, I just saw what my friends posted and talked with people in PM's, and that was pretty much it. I didn't have mega corporations blasting me with ads and tracking my data to be sold to the highest bidder 24/7. And the beauty of social media back then is that people weren't taking screenshots and saving every little thing. All that dumb emo shit I was posting in 2005, all that teen angst that I put on the internet just doesn't exist anymore. Nowadays you post anything on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and it's permanent. It just exists forever. But my old myspace account, and all the stuff on it is just gone. Disappeared like it never happened. And now as a sensible adult I can pick and choose what I want to put out to the world, and what I want to keep private. The more I think about it, the more I realize I'm so thankful that I got to have a childhood without the internet, and an adolescence without today's brand of social media.
  7. I feel like anything could be true at this point. Maybe development has taken so long because they threw out the H5 formula midway through and are developing an actual Halo game. Maybe they're just doing 343 things and Infinite is going to be another H4/H5. Maybe they're scrambling and a delay is inevitable. The fact that it's already February and we've seen nothing is concerning.
  8. I've just never understood the unrealistic argument when it comes to sprint. I mean which is more realistic? That a super soldier in the 2500's, wearing armor that costs hundreds of millions of dollars would still need to put his weapon down to sprint like any random dude? Or maybe with all that futuristic tech they've solved the problem and Spartans can sprint and shoot at the same time?
  9. The fuck did you just say about candy corn?
  10. I don't think anyone's arguing that Halo's sandbox couldn't be better. However currently, there's not a single Halo game where starting without the utility weapon is anything other than a race to control said utility weapon and see which team can snowball first. In an ideal game every weapon would have a real, viable purpose (CE minus the needler) but that just isn't how Halo has been designed. Also, I really, really doubt Infinite will be any better. The "weapon variety" we're most likely to see is multiple utility weapons that all serve the same core purpose just in slightly different ways from one another.
  11. bEcAuSe NoW wEaPoNs On ThE mAp ArE aCtUaLlY uSeFuL. The translation is that people don't like to feel like they aren't good at the games they're playing, and nothing deletes the skillgap like starting with spray and pray weapons.

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