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  1. I killed myself trying to beat that game as I suck at platformers, then I learned about the Casette levels. Didn't even come close.
  2. I feel like there's an ultra fine line between a game with a fast TTK, and a game like Halo 3. There has to be a balance in regards to rewarding teamshooting, without reducing the amount of individual skill that's possible to be showcased.
  3. Just for my own edification, what was the kill time of a perfect 4 shot in H2?
  4. I don't know, pandering to the Chinese government I guess. Honestly if 343 wanted to be trendy and sneak in a little Easter egg about supporting freedom for Hong Kong I'd be fine with it.
  5. It's less about believing Infinite will be devoid of gimmicky mechanics, and more of a hope and a prayer that 343 can trim the fat and get rid of those things that the community has been complaining about since 2010. I'm not optimistic, if I'm honest with myself I think they're going to make the mistake of building off of Halo 5. If anything the fact that 343 trendchases so hard, and "advanced" movement is no longer trendy could possibly (but probably not) be the saving grace for Infinite. I wish they'd just show gameplay already, I'm sick of waiting.
  6. That's not a fair comparison, considering grav lifts are used in set, unchanging locations, and are part of the design of the map. People know where grav lifts are, and can predict and outplay their use. If I had a map pickup that let me use a grav lift wherever and whenever I wanted, then yes, I'd say that's broken.
  7. For one thing, cloak doesn't make you invisible, just harder to spot. For another, we've already played a game with a verticality gaining item as a map pickup with Reach, and most people didn't like it, myself included. Cloak doesn't inherently change the dynamic of how maps play or can be built, verticality items do. I mean obviously I'd rather have it as a pickup item than an ability, but just because an item is a map pickup doesn't stop it from being broken. See Halo 3 with bubbles, regens, and energy drainers.
  8. Lol, obviously. The brute shot has never been included in competitive settings, and even in standard matchmaking isn't available on a lot of maps and gametypes. Also, like 99.% of the playerbase doesn't use it as a device to gain verticality, and those that do are sacrificing a weapon slot to use it, and damaging themselves in the process. So to draw a parallel, the only way I wouldn't have a problem with them was unless the jump boots were a banned competitive item, and only used on selective maps and gametypes, and the vast majority of the population didn't use them to gain height, and they damaged you during use, and they took up a weapon slot, and they were super loud. Saying you can do "advanced movement" with the brute shot, therefore how about jumpy boy boots is like saying because grenade jumps are possible we should have jumpy boy boots. No thanks.
  9. I don't know really, I don't think I've ever seen anyone do it in multiplayer. I don't think I've ever done it outside of campaign. What does this have to do with "advanced" movement?
  10. A sword isn't advanced movement, it's a power weapon. Power weapons always grant one shot potential in varying ways. I have no problem with power weapons, I have a problem with sprint, thrust, clamber, ground pound, spartan charge, hover, and any of the dumb stuff from Reach and H4.
  11. Then they'd be redundant. The whole premise of "aDvAnCeD mOVeMeNt" is making a choice between movement and combat, which is why it's so inherently flawed in the context of Halo. Bring back actual advanced movement by allowing the player to have 100% freedom of movement and 100% freedom of combat, 100% of the time. Not to mention by doing so, drastically improving the potential for quality map design.
  12. Can we collectively start referring to enhanced movement as restricted movement? Because that's exactly what it is.
  13. Snipedown 100% could do well in CoD. Especially with how well he's doing in Apex, playing on a controller against PC pros.
  14. CoD franchising is just snatching up Halo pro's. I wonder who's next?

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