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  1. Microsoft is terrible at naming things. I thought Project Scarlett sounded, but Xbox Series X? That's too many X's man.
  2. You can when the idea is inherently stupid to begin with. Adding an RNG element to shooting, in a first person shooter, is basically the stupidest thing I can think of unless it's done intelligently like it was in CE. If you want to use projectile instead of hitscan, use damage falloff, or in other games use recoil, that's all fine. But to say to the player we're going to punish you, even though your raw mechanical aim was perfect, because you were shooting too fast, is so backwards it almost hurts to think about. Also, correct me if I'm wrong as I haven't been playing that much reach lately, but isn't the kill time of a DMR 5 shot still slower that a BR 4 shot?
  3. Does this mean the amount of games you have? Or things like recordings, screenshots, and achievements, etc?
  4. I caught that feeling as well, about halfway through the reveal trailer when I watched The Power Rangers Spartans basically skiing down a mountain in cartoonish fashion.
  5. It depends on whether we're talking about pubs or MLG variant settings. MW2 pubs were pure chaos, but in a wacky, fun sort of way. So much of the game was unbalanced, but I'd be lying if I said the joy I felt from hearing people rage in the post game lobby after getting a nuke, or going on a big streak with akimbo Models wasn't amazing. MW2 variant on the other hand was really fun and had a thriving community, especially for pickup scrims. MW3 pubs were somewhat less chaotic, but things like sitrep pro and the motion tracker, which everyone used, made it much less fun IMO. MW3 competitive was, like I said before, basically just competitive MW2, but with worse everything. CoD4 > CoD2 > BO2 > Everything else in that franchise.
  6. Pretty much. It was basically MW2 but with worse maps, weapons, a much duller color palette, and super OP snaking. It was even dropped from the pro circuit. IMO it was the worst CoD title since CoD3. Now obviously comparing it to the jetpack era, and even recent BOTG games like WWII and Modern Warfare it starts to look a lot better by comparison. That being said, at the time, I absolutely hated it.
  7. At this point I don't think it would matter, considering the amount of quitters and AFK players seems to be at an all time high.
  8. The thing is Damnation played great with the CE sandbox, and especially in a faster 2v2 format. In 4v4 Reach it's just a mess. That being said I enjoy whatever the new name for Battle Creek just as well as I've always enjoyed Battle Creek.
  9. Finally got on to play some Hardcore, and I got Penance twice. I hate Reach for making me hate a remake of a map I loved so much in CE. I called it a night after two games.
  10. That's weird, I know I played well after the first DLC, but I don't seem to remember ever playing Breakpoint.
  11. Were there maps added in well after the launch that were designed by 343? I can't remember when I stopped playing, but I know I never played Breakpoint.
  12. I don't inherently hate /r/Halo, as I think there should be a place that's all encompassing. Casual, competitive, 4v4, BTB, campaign, lore, Halo Wars, etc. Just anything and everything Halo. That being said, the amount of 343 apologists, pro sprint and pro AR kids that populate the subreddit is somewhat expected, but a pretty good reason why I don't post there as much these days. I fought the good fight speaking out against sprint and abilities and shit for a long time. After a while though it's mentally draining and ultimately completely pointless.

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