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  1. Hopefully Forge in Infinite will be not only fantastic, but visually good as well. If the worst should happen and the game is filled with maps that make them feel massive without sprint, we can just build ourselves a map pool from scratch. I just hope Forge looks halfway decent this time around.
  2. Bring back H2 era level of trash talk. Nowadays you get a comms ban if you say get recked kid.
  3. I played MCC for the first time since Reach launched last night. Am I crazy or did the framerate take a massive dive or something?
  4. My desire for an H2 event isn't some romantic notion that all the old school diehard players will return and the numbers will be huge, I just want to see what I consider to be the best 4v4 console shooter ever made be played competitively at least once in the lifespan of MCC. It blows my mind that MCC launched half a decade ago, and we got a Reach event before an H2 event. It's 100% not the fault of the community. At this point what even is the community? It's so segregated based on when you started playing that Halo essentially has two communities, and that's not even factoring in competitive vs casual, campaign vs multiplayer, and all the people who just love the lore and books and whatever. Bungie basically chopped up the Halo community with their foot already out of the door, and then 343 widened that division even further with H4 and H5. And then of course the one game that could have and should have been a unifying game for all Halo fans ended up being the worst launch in video game history.
  5. Going back to classic Halo games is such a visual treat. So many shooters nowadays I have trouble distinguishing the foreground from the background. Player models just blend right in to whatever they're standing in front of so it takes me a moment to actually realize I'm seeing an enemy. This was actually one of my biggest complaints with the multiplayer in CoD4 remastered. When playing CE, H2, and H3, the player model just pops right out on your screen and it's super easy to tell the difference between an enemy player and the background. I really hope Infinite is like this. I don't give a flying fuck about dynamic lighting and realistic shading or whatever, I just want to be able to see the people I'm supposed to be shooting at.
  6. You know the pain of hoping that backpack reloading will make an intentional return to the franchise, only to be disappointed time and time again.
  7. I personally tend to enjoy the arena esque BTB experience more, but I don't know if removing two players per team would really make that more accessible. Nor do I think adding one player per team and making maps more "grand" would either. 8v8 offers a good mix of tighter arena BTB and also larger vehicle heavy games. Both of which I enjoy. Maybe ranked BTB could be a more traditional Halo arena experience, and casual could focus more on heavies or whatever. Think Halo 3 Sandbox VS Halo 3 Sandtrap. All I know is ranked BTB is awesome and I'd love to see it return to the franchise.
  8. I mean I have no issues with 8v8.
  9. I wholeheartedly feel that there should be a ranked BTB playlist and that's a hill I'm prepared to die on.
  10. Splitting the game into classic + new movement basically means they've built two separate multiplayer games. With maps, jump heights, aim assist, projectile speed, etc, all designed around either classic or new movement speeds. 343 has enough trouble building one functional multiplayer at a time, there's no way they could pull off two. Even with this much time in between releases. I call BS.
  11. I would agree with this if I didn't want to see a H2C event so badly. I just can't stomach the idea that throughout all of the events that have taken place on MCC there hasn't been an actual H2 event yet.
  12. This is just big brain time from Sentinels. The reverse sweep will make Halo exciting again. /s

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