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  1. Imagine hopping in a Warthog with Master Chief like thank goodness we're saved, and then he just drives off a cliff.
  2. I made it the wrong way originally but the stretching is what it is. I'm just throwing shit together in MS Paint.
  3. Why'd they have to cover those digital titties up? Halo 4 nudist Cortana is the only 343 has ever gotten right.
  4. Maybe I'm just a boomer but I genuinely enjoy FPS campaign's with linear levels. The idea of going from mission to mission and experiencing a new atmosphere and enemies and such is something that's going away in most modern games and I miss it. I can just sit down and play through The Silent Cartographer if I want to, or I can grind an entire campaign. Not everything has to be open world, because you need a fuck ton of depth to a story to make an open world game feel engaging, and I know 343 isn't capable of executing that. Now to be fair they're not capable of executing the latter either because Halo 5's campaign fucking sucked. If they can't make a cohesive traditional campaign, I have no faith that they can pull off open world.
  5. The problem is that if you want to play with BR starts you HAVE to play ranked. Usually I can just dick around in BTB and enjoy myself, but I'm not trying to go on a precision hunt every time I spawn in.
  6. When Chief called in that Wasp I was expecting the Pelican to sort of elegantly drop it off, or for it to hover down waiting for him to enter it. The way it just fucking flopped down with no grace at all actually made me laugh out loud. Also, no matter how much I hated the beta, no matter how little faith I have that 343 can put together a competent experience, hearing the Truth and Reconciliation Suite always gets me in the mood to play Halo.
  7. I already hate Bloodhound enough in Apex, and they literally just copy/pasted his scan into 2042. I was holding out a sliver of hope that they were going to rework the specialists before launch, but now it looks like the exact opposite.
  8. Do you have less faith in modern day Ubisoft with Splinter Cell, or 343 with Halo?
  9. I don't want to talk about Halo anymore. What did you guys think of Dune?
  10. This is a Splinter Cell thread now, please post accordingly. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/a-decade-later-ubisoft-has-finally-greenlit-a-new-splinter-cell-sources-claim/
  11. To be fair this is from the 2020 build of the game, but still...
  12. That's like the one thing I'll always praise Reach for getting right. I hated sprint and bloom and armor lock, etc, but visually that game was awesome. From the actual art style to the customization to the UI, it was just a joy to look at.
  13. It was pretty rough. The worst thing for me was the sound design, it sounded like I was under water the whole time. The gunplay felt rather shallow, and the specialists didn't add anything, but took away a lot of teamplay. I might still get it depending on how it looks on full release, but the beta itself was rather disappointing.
  14. I still don't think Infinite is going to be a game I'll want to play, but with these settings it will be a game I'll probably enjoy watching. I just don't understand why there was so much mystery about this. Why not test these settings in the public flight? The amount of AR vs AR or Sidekick vs Sidekick fights I got in during the flight dwarfs the amount of BR fights. I now feel like I didn't even get a taste of what actual Halo Infinite will be. And if they're able to recognize the necessity of the BR, why the fuck is BTB going to be AR starts?
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