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  1. What gun were you using? lol. Most guns on Apex have a relatively tiny amount of recoil. Prowler, R9, Wingman, 301 depending on your optic, G7 Scout, etc. And those are basically the most used guns in the game. Maybe you were using the Havoc or something. As to the whole BR debate, I can understand why some people hate the genre, but I can also understand why some people fell head over heels in love with the genre. Most BR's to me are really, really meh. Warzone, Fortnite, Firestorm in Battlefield died almost faster than Halo 4, PUBG was good but ran horribly, etc. Apex is what saved the genre to me. Perfect mix of movement and gunskill, and teamshooting actually matters. I think I like it the most because it probably feels the most like a team shooter, and the least like a BR out of all the BR's, if that makes any sense. Not to mention I watch Snip3down play all the time, he actually just won the biggest ever Apex tournament last night.
  2. I thought the troll was banned? Can't mods just figure out who he actually is based on his IP and ban all his accounts?
  3. Exactly right. Games launching in an unfinished state just makes me appreciate the fully functional games even more.
  4. I'm honestly so sick and tired of games that are basically still in development launching a year or two before they're actually ready.
  5. So what are we playing when this flops? I haven't even been gaming all that much lately, just watching Snipedown play Apex.
  6. I'm not even sure CS:GO has the highest skill ceiling of any video game, let alone higher than chess.
  7. Nothing will. Chess has the highest skill ceiling of any game ever made.
  8. Checkers has a skillgap, but it's laughable when compared to chess.
  9. You can't fool me that's a Simon memory game.
  10. Exactly. This isn't just a Halo game. It's supposed to be the flagship title for the next generation of Xbox's as well as a Halo game 5 years in the making. One 8 minute trailer later and Halo is basically a laughing stock to everyone other than long time Halo diehards who were already determined to like the game no matter what.
  11. So Rogue Company is actually pretty fun...
  12. Why is the lighting in 343 games always so aggressively ugly? Why do my eyes hurt after playing a 343 Halo for more than like 45 minutes.

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