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  1. The only thing that bugged me about that is quick play was always sooo casual that it was almost like you weren't even playing Overwatch. Especially before 2-2-2, you'd have like 5 DPS and a lone Mercy, nobody would group up or combo ultimates. It was like almost like FFA. Say what you will about 2-2-2, but it's done wonders for the QP experience. Now the only issue is DPS queue times, as DPS players are sick of waiting for 10 minutes, so they queue for tank and just pick Hog/Ball and it's kind of a similar situation. I think there's a middle ground for Halo. Keep the settings as consistent as possible, design the rules so they don't need a change between casual and competitive, and maybe go the Overwatch route where there's an Arcade option with rotating playlists. Things like action sack, VIP, multi team, etc.
  2. I haven't had hurt fee fees in years. I haven't any fee fees at all. I'm so alone.
  3. As far as I understand it there are still classes in the traditional sense, but now there are specialists within those classes that have certain traits that are specific to just themselves. So like one of the specialists in the medic class has a revive dart similar to Doc in Rainbow that can res people from a distance. There are a lot of specialists we don't know about yet, so I think there might be ones that have the ammo box and medic bag as traits.
  4. Can you? And even so, it's pretty easy to see a massive weapon on someone's back or in someone's hand, as opposed to this little disc I'm assuming on their hip.
  5. You can see when someone has rockets or a snipe on their back. You can hear someone using rockets or a sniper and know that the person with those weapons are in a certain direction. Grabbing an OS and keeping it in your pocket for 30 seconds until the perfect time to use it is inherently dumb.
  6. I mean if you look on /r/Halo or Waypoint you're always going to see stuff like that. I think anyone not blinded by hype is being really cautious with this game. 343 has an 0 for 3 track record, so being hyped for anything they're doing is kind of foolish.
  7. Fun is when you get home from school or work and actually want to play the game, as opposed to questioning why you still play a game just because you used to enjoy games from the same franchise. I played Halo for a really long time just because it said Halo in the title and I always considered myself a Halo player.
  8. Honestly I'd be all for hearing more Jeff Steitzer if they didn't absolutely butcher his voice. I remember when Halo 5 launched I said something like it sounds as if the took his voice and ran it through 50 instagram filters. kILL tHe EnEmY tEaM tO EaRn PoInTs bY kILLiNg ThE eNeMy TeAm aNd EaRnInG pOiNtS bY gEtTiNg KiLLs.
  9. If I have to go on a hunt for a BR every time I spawn my time on Infinite will be next to zero.
  10. Exactly. In games like CoD and Battlefield you can just easily kill a guy that's sprinting in like half a second. In a game like Halo where the enemy can just sprint through your shots and get around a corner or back to his team, and you have to stop shooting to move as fast as him, it will never work. Hopefully it's impact on Infinite is as minor as possible, but there's no denying it will still have an overall negative impact on the game.
  11. Not quite. We've yet to discuss how Cortana used to be nude and hot, while her replacement is frumpy and fully clothed. 343 has gone too damn far this time and I won't stand for it. #FreeTheVirtualNipple
  12. Saying you shouldn't discuss sprint in relation to the TTK is like saying you shouldn't discuss peanut butter in relation to jelly in a thread about sandwiches.
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