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    Nathan Drake
  2. If 5 flops like 4 in terms of population, you think that'll be enough?
  3. How do I take screenshots like that to prove also my opponent forfeited?
  4. We are team #221 - ODST FTW (Kilo Five and MoMaster25) Team #68 TrippyLemen (Super Lemen and Tribby Mane) had to forfeit.
  5. Can you name some? I always though H3 had a near H2 rep.
  6. When's the next CoD tournament Optic will be at?
  7. What's exactly wrong with him? Too many medals he calls out? Or his voice? It sound more robot-y to me, but it's fine.
  8. Will they upload it all to YouTube if we missed it?
  9. Ah helllllll no w/ that update. Can they at least give us a MCC or H5 ViDoc?
  10. Can you explain this more? I'm trying to get better than my bro @H4 as he's beaten me in every game. I'll cheat if I have to.
  11. Benni... what the hell are you doing voting for H4?
  12. I am so confused. Every other map (besides the 6) are going to still be in 1080p/60FPS, but they will be running on the original Xbox 2004 engine? Won't it stil look ugly whether it's 1080p or not? Will those other maps not get their textures and stuff update to modern-day graphics like the campaign and 6 maps?
  13. How'd they get his face? Do they just use his face as a joke?
  14. Who's that guy in your comment? I see him everywhere in livestreams and stuff
  15. No sprint (maybe faster base speed), and spectator mode would perfect it. I wanna see invasion come back but that would mean there has to be Elites which i doubt they will have, unless maybe the whole Arbiter coming back and visiting the Elite homeworld in campaign might be a sign. I wonder about Firefight and Spartan Ops...
  16. This makes sense with everything MS has said about it. Dancing around a title and just saying a FPS Halo with multiplayer and "Your Halo Journey begins 2014". its almost too good to be true. If 343 can pull this off we might be witnessing Halo 3 levels of success in the next 2 years. Happy days.
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