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  1. Those who are having trouble finding the dlc's. Go to the store, type in "halo 3" in the search bar and be sure to press start and they should all be there. If you don't press start only the mythic pack II and cold storage will show up.
  2. I am a casual player and even to me hitmarkers are completely unnecessary. As others have already pointed out the shield flare already communicates that your shots are hitting (making the shield flare more noticeable is a nice idea), and getting free information from random grenade throws is just garbage.
  3. Pretty much. The recent update nerfed snipers in order to increase primary counter-play against them (much needed imo), but it really doesn't matter when every map seems to be custom built for shotguns.
  4. Happy Gjallarhorn day to all! Traveler bless us, every one.
  5. So I did random VoG run and got my first Fatebringer and a Praetorians Foil to go with it. The feels man, the feels. :cry:
  6. Dunno man, it just never drops.
  7. Just got the Mythoclast. Praedyths revenge and Fatebringer here I come! :lol:
  8. Does anyone here play this game on the 360? My Xbox One is being shipped for repairs and a friend lent me his 360 copy until my xbox is repaired.
  9. So apparently the Xbox One has a "black screen of death" and after trying to fix it all last night and this morning, I have to send it to be repaired.
  10. So close man, we were so close.
  11. You can get it from the chest in prison of elders
  12. Warlocks confirmed as sith lords.
  13. That bow is sexy as fuck.
  14. Thorn

    E3 Discussion

    Yay more Dishonored, now with 100% more steampunk General Grievous.
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