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  1. you aren't giving money with the intent of "gaining anything" that's the whole point, it's a donation tbh you sound like an awful person, but we already knew this, imagine not understanding how gifts work
  2. it's a mixed lot for sure, you're definitely right that some people do donate for recognition, that's not even being cynical that just being realistic you also have to remember people have different means so while $100 would be a big amount for me it might not for someone else i sub and donate to a couple content creators i watch everyday but i do it when they're offline cause i don't like the attention
  3. You support content creators you enjoy and the money enables them to make more content What’s not to get lol
  4. The green wall came in clutch last year, hopefully our community can pick up the slack
  5. Snowmen up 6-1 on nV http://halodatahive.com/Scrim/Live/3513 ^saiyan is streaming
  6. looks like it was str8 sick who won division A https://www.twitch.tv/saly4n NV vs Oxy
  7. ^ microsoft store division winners, i wasn't able to find out who won division A yet ^ and this is what the HaloWC $10k FFA is looking like so far
  8. ^ so here are all the international teams that qualified for HWC and here are the final 16 NA teams next weekend is gonna be hype i had to work you guys are so salty that i asked for people to try and make on topic posts, sheesh, how dare i
  9. so apparently nugget is that bullet and the player named bullet is a new bullet
  10. the mexico city grand finals are about to begin https://www.twitch.tv/halo
  11. big day for HCS the microsoft store division finals are today and 5 players are gonna qualify for the FFA at HWC and then winner of the Mexico City FFA and the team that wins the 4v4 bracket also qualifies for HWC
  12. 22 and that's the most ever for HCS LATAM, last year they got 18 for context the EU HCS record is 28 teams, and ANZ this year had 17 teams (which is the ANZ record) https://challonge.com/HWCMX i think Splyce has proven themselves as the #1 team but motivated ex-optic is gonna be scary
  13. Yes by a wide margin, the smallest before this was 36 teams I think a lot of people decided to go drinking instead today and they are probably burnt out having to play a tourney every week, also it doesn’t really matter besides the prize money
  14. the NA 2k also just started http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/xboxone/halo-5-guardians/tournament/na-halowc-2000-series-03-17/bracket
  15. well they announced the stream was gonna go live at 10am central but yesterday they said 11am.... so i guess it doesn't start for another 20 minutes
  16. he's unreal good timing btw, i just came here to post his stream https://www.twitch.tv/shotzzy
  17. NV vs The Snowmen https://www.twitch.tv/saly4n http://halodatahive.com/Scrim/Summary/3497
  18. ^ this just went live http://halodatahive.com/Scrim/Summary/3496
  19. From a viewers perspective i think it was boring vs the fast and fluid gameplay that halo is usually known for breakout is another example of trying to mimic gameplay from another game instead of focusing on what made halo great which in itself isn't a bad idea, all creative people take inspiration from other creatives but you can't lose your own identity in the process i think so too, i'm not a halo scientist but i'd rather see both teams fight and try to control one area instead of being spread out across 3 it seems like with KOTH teams can be much more deliberate and coordinated strongholds is fun to watch but it's not really that innovative imo, it's just multi-hill
  20. i would be very surprised if he started competing again, he's an old man and i don't think he's all that interested in h5 I wouldn't mind seeing extraction in the mix either IMO no respawn gametypes don't have a place in competitive halo, while they might have competitive merit it's just way too different from everything else
  21. is it still broken though? they just updated it but i haven't seen anyone mention if it was fixed, i was hoping to see the updated oddball after worlds
  22. updated playlist ranks, based on menkes playlist popularity list
  23. https://www.twitch.tv/saly4n http://halodatahive.com/Scrim/Summary/3491 nv vs rec it's game 8 but better late than never
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