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  1. Edit: You know what, nvm. Modern games and game devs are trash.
  2. Just your daily reminder that the H3 projectile system/registration is hot garbage online and on LAN, and the people who had a hand in developing, coding, or approving it, should have a lifetime ban from producing video games.
  3. Don’t you EVER come in here and try to strong arm this forum in the direction you want. I’ll have you know that I’m 6’4” and FULLY tatted, and there is a whole community people just like me who won’t be pushed around. Not even for 12k a year.
  4. Here is the clarity: I am saying that Aries is a better fit on Denial than Eco would be, in my opinion. Your assessment that Aries had “one good series at a tournament with a handful of good teams” is accurate, but the implication is misleading. He played well enough in a team game to get them into the grand finals and take it to a second series. That’s more consistent play than just “one good series”. Do I think Aries is a better Halo player than Eco? ok. How are we assessing what makes one Halo player better than another? Tournament wins? If that’s the case then Destin is a better Halo player than Naded because he has won a tournament and Naded has not. Present an objective standard for assessment of Halo players and then we can have the discussion about who is better than who. Otherwise it’s just subjective and I’m not going to dive into that. Until then, Eco wouldn’t fit as well on Denial as Aries does; and, Aries has gotten the shaft and is constantly slept on by people, which grosses me out. Hope that that clears things up.
  5. Aries? Aries?! Jesus Christ. Miller is a grinder. He genuinely deserves the opportunity that he is currently getting on Denial. People have slept on him and shaded him for years and it grosses me out. I don’t think Denial will, or should, make a change. My guess is that Neighbor and Eco are a to2, tbh.
  6. I think you mean me, considering I haven't seen anyone else use "LAN". I used it because I wasn't certain how the tournament was networked.
  7. So... that was an amazing event. I'm really happy Tox won. Denial was a surprise for me. I was on the "Trash-Shele-Bandwagon" before the event, I'll admit it (), but, I'm honestly glad Online-Warrior Universal Champion Shele was able to prove himself SO thoroughly on "LAN". It honestly makes me really happy for the guy. He played really great. (I am glad that Lethul pounded him bottom base on Onslaught in that 1v1 BR battle, though. ). I could say some stuff about REC, but I don't want to get fanboy'd. I could say stuff about the audio issues and the down time, but we are already aware of those issues. I'm just really happy with how the event turned out, even though I like H3 the least out of the original trilogy and I rank it pretty low in the entire series. It's way better to watch than it is to play and this event did not disappoint in the watching department. What really needs to be said/asked is: When is the aim update coming out? Additionally, IS Beyond still a sponsor for Tox? Because if not, I would 100% pay like $10 a month if I knew the money was going to support them directly and it got Beyond's name on their jerseys...
  8. It can’t be just me... Literally anytime Che tweets, the only way my brain responds is by trying to figure out if I can logically respond with “Congrats to whoever (insert verb here) ________________” For example, in response to this tweet: “Congrats to whoever is working wherever.” I guess I’m just to the core.
  9. Found out the real reason behind Frosty's departure from Halo. Looks like Lethul has always been
  10. Is there a list of people who actually think H3 is good? If so, I need a copy so I can block everyone who is on it. Thanks.
  11. When it's 2019 and the delayed advanced aiming MCC patch isn't out yet.
  12. My contention wasn’t that LAN was a magical place where nothing goes wrong; my contention was I have seen nothing remotely this bad in any of my LAN experience. Even with Boxes and switches “running hot”.
  13. Neighbor isn't a two time Halo World Champ... No matter how much I wish he was.
  14. Knighty... Nades take 7 seconds to come out on LAN? Host lags through two headshots bottom of a base on LAN? I've had quite a bit of H3 LAN experience, and not one time did I see anything remotely close to what is shown in those two clips... C'mon, bruh.
  15. It’s almost like Shele is a decent player who’s connection gives him an advantage that turns into wins..
  16. Can confirm Shele is a warrior. He's from BC. It's definitely not his 'fault', and he obviously is a really decent player; but, to say that and not also admit that his connection does do a lot of work for him is disingenuous. I know you didn't say any of that, it's just a general vibe I get when people talk about Shele. He is a good player, but his connection does things for him that put him at an obvious advantage.
  17. OVER 24 HOURS FOR THIS? But for real: Finally being able to see who applied what rep on Mobile is actually awesome.
  18. Guys who have been playing together on LAN virtually this entire time and who were top tier players back in CE hayday vs the CE GOATs who haven’t lived on the same continent in almost a decade? Yeah, the Ogres are the best, but even the best have to practice on LAN together. I feel they would be the underdogs simply because of lack of LAN practice. Everyone knows MCC doesn’t count. If they play and lose, it’s not because they’re worse, it’s because they’re missing a decade of solid LAN practice that the other team has.
  19. 1. Rotate your phone/mobile device to wide view. 2. Scroll down. 3.??????? 4. Profit.
  20. Just so everyone is aware and hopefully to prevent some tilt: When you and another person get into a BR battle on H3 MCC and you both start shooting at the exact same time, no one misses, and you die immediately after the third shot, but your BR still shoots the last burst as it flies uselessly away from your dead body, on LAN, that guy is dead 10/10 times.
  21. So what you’re saying is Halo kids are actually idiots? I mean, fair enough to that. I’m a real douche sometimes.
  22. Page Three and we are already fighting a Civil War of word choice, interpretation, and definitions. Love it. Never change, Beyond.
  23. 100% fair point. The questions are: "What makes Halo, Halo?" and "Who decides what makes Halo, Halo?". In my mind, they're all Halo. Regardless of their differences, isn't Halo defined by the Studios who make and release a Halo game? If not, who decides? What gives them the authority?
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