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  1. Its a love hate relationship with 343 isn't it? They do some good for us, we're happy then they remove one of the only means of practice for a tournament the day after its announced , I mean how can a game developer be this stupid??
  2. Man halo 3 is the goat, so happy for Roy and flame getting to the finals, this game needs to be played for the next year, it's so entertaining!
  3. I like this comment, I will add, I disliked this game a lot, I sucked so bad at this halo, and it really did drag on longer than other halo titles, I'm very happy it's coming to an end, But I did enjoy watching the top pro's play this game I can't lie. I really hope we get a year of classic halo. I'm super pumped for the halo 3 2v2.
  4. Halo 3 aiming feels better, anyone else agree?? Edit: It's still shit
  5. I feel the aiming on H3 insider is absolutely awful!, I may need to get the hang of it, but my god it's bad
  6. I know right??? 1 player goes AFK and the whole playlist is ruined, this is why I dont trust 343
  7. https://clips.twitch.tv/GleamingPlausibleZucchiniDatSheffy This updated BR looks a hell of a lot better than the piece of shit currently used in MCC
  8. I just received this tweet from @@DeRsKy I'd be so happy if this happens.
  9. Can't beat a close series slayer game when both teams are neck and neck and it turns to 49-49. They're my favorite to watch.
  10. Thanks, that seems to have worked!
  11. My game keeps crashing and freezing mid game :\, anyone know a fix to this?
  12. Couldn't beat a good one month account!, must have made Microsoft so much money over the years from it.
  13. Has ninja fallen out with Halo? He had 50K+ viewers went offline and didn't host halo (Obviously his own choice to do so) but would be nice to have some support from him
  14. Thanks for the stats, but could you put them in spoiler quotes from now on please, so if and when us EU kids come round to watching the rebroadcast we don't see the results before hand.

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