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  1. Difference between current halo and and your examples, OP? there weren't fuckin jetpacks in those games! i say nerf the shit outa the cooldown with heightened fall damage, and we'll see how many "pro" jetpack whorin' d-bags are left...people may learn jumps again... that might be pushin it, as everyone sucks now.
  2. Woo! radar on, finally, a reason for my bad kid friends to play with me. Hopefully it repopulates a bit, no more pullin six friggen lobbies in hopes for some traditional slayer.
  3. hahaha...^winner^ but to feed the train, c'mon! if you're dissillutioned thinkin h2 wasn't the biggest thing ever to happen, to competitive gaming....name any earlier game in history, that was even marginally close to the hundreds of thousands those players grossed...3 didn't make nothin, just rode the gravy train...sorry don't care when you started playing, facts are facts.
  4. srry that was my price n cap's I was referring to, trying to explain that shouldn't be my issue. EDIT: nevermind, that shouldn't be my issue anyway since im wired in. idk, but for now! he aint fuckin streamin while im playin! lol
  5. Yeah that price is for econ cable and 40down 10up definitely not the best since it never quite hits those numbers. and I am wired in to a 4-port wireless, I used to have an issues, either me or my brother would get disconnected every time the other signed into live or psn. This is different tho, dmz'ing my box actually fixed that other issue, but I guess this package just aint enough to support one streaming device, and games? Thanks for the help tho, various customer service reps were totally useless as usual. Oh and do you mean you were just disconnected during those instances? cause I never get "locked out" just signed out momentarily, signing back in doesn't affect my brother's stuff. Thanks again tho, gonna figure something out.
  6. I don't know if I'm just experiencing something common among gamers and I'm just a dummy. Every time my brother decides to use different mediums to stream tv or movies, I get near constant disconnects from games. This occurs only when he's streaming stuff on his phone, playstation, computer w/e tested it all...I pay 150$ for xfinity's gaming package and my upstream cap's at 10megs. Is it just that he's really "taxing" our bandwidth so much I can't play? I can't imagine the maybe 500mb's those movies could weigh, would cause so frequent disconnects, and he's only streaming anyway! no downloads! kinda pissed. lol.
  7. I feel instead of more maps, a great circumvention might be a much more thoughtfully produced forge system. We(the community) are always gonna have our favorites and great original ideas, and I'm sure we can all agree(aesthetically and otherwise) forge has never come close to reaching it's potential. If they could find a way to allow us to make more visually appealing/functional maps on our own, I know I'd be a very happy camper.
  8. Agreed on the zero spread and obviously they'll need to work in a range drop-off, that would take some time to get right. Also the headshot multiplier's a great idea, allow us a better chance to backpack, in those ridiculous one-sided games we all know.
  9. Thanks for the help, i'll give it a try, realized I actually do have some ie issues...reinstall might help. Feel free to close if need be.
  10. Title^ Anyone know why the system won't auto-quote for me when I select the quote/reply. I could manually quote then highlight what I want, but c'mon. Tried all my browsers, they're all updated, and regardless, the rest of the thread system works fine...Someone please tell me what dumb mistake i'm making, thanks.
  11. Can't you access the reach/4 share's from teh webs? or is there some problem with that system? EDIT: Sorry just checked(after spending ten mins tryin to log into s***** waypoint) and I'm dumb. Always just assumed since they friggen post it all, that they had the actual files formatted and ready for dl... man have I led so many astray, lol.
  12. I couldn't give two s**** what all the casie bad kids think when it releases. At the very least, we'll have something to lan again! I can't believe H4's always on the schedules around here.(must be 1v1's lol) Was playing a bunch of remakes my buddy found/made, the other day(including turf!) god I can't wait to play that again...and relic! best btb's eveeeer.
  13. Turf!!!!! ahhh the good 'ol days, bouncing on snipes, just spawn WRECKING, lol miss it so.

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