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  1. So if they do have a throwback halo 3 season, will Roy and lunch come back??
  2. Hey guys. I have been a long time lurker here and was hoping maybe someone can help or can lead me in the right direction. A year and one day ago, the halo community lost a very big halo fan. He started back in halo de, and continued to be an avid player until he died. Some may or may not recognize the name, orange pandas. He was very good and very competitive and spent a huge part of his life playing halo, so much so that in his official obituary his love for halo was mentioned. I still to this day can't play halo and not remember my good friend. I was hoping someone here could maybe make a graphic that I could rep. Something to do with an orange panda and master chief. I didn't even call him by his real name Jordan, he was always just pandas to me. Thanks in advance! I will continue lurking and hope halo can go back to its glory days, like I know pandas would love to happen.
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