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  1. Battletag is Soggy2na#1337, I usually play Lucio or Reinhardt. PC/US and I got a mic.
  2. So, haven't lurked it here in like a week and all of a sudden the Bald god starts posting? Terrible timing, anyways can I get a summary or a link to where he first showed up? I already scanned like 12 pages and can't find the source of drama.
  3. Well yeah skill in Halo translates to skill in FPS period, it teaches you the fundamental mechanics working in the game and how to use them to gain an advantage. CoD players just focus on shooting on site.
  4. Wow.... just fucking wow. Now this is some shit I can wank it to on a Saturday night. Ok but seriously, this guy's thought process is beautiful and he's articulate somewhat (for a pro) so it just rolls out. Reminds me of what goes through my head when I play FPS but this is much more crucial. Thank you for opening my eyes!
  5. Lacks fluidity. More reactionary combat rather than planning and assessing.
  6. I don't include H4 or Reach when I mention "Halo", strictly 1-3. Still never picked up H4. But the exception would be H2's BR, it was complimented by button glitches and a shift from individual skill to teamwork.
  7. The utility weapon in every Halo inherently requires skill, the sniper throughout Halo is has been hit or miss.
  8. I know that I was one of the few in H3 that could actually lead their shot, probably because I play a lot of Space/Combat flying sims. Not everyone can lead their shot and everyone's connection isn't as perfect as it should be, hitscan on all precision weapons would level the playing field so to speak while keeping the sniper only in the hands of the elite. What noob is gonna chance the sniper when they're so used to hitscan?
  9. Isn't it that restriction that creates the "aww" factor when watching console montages as opposed to watching KB&M players effortlessly pulling off headshot after headshot? I see the "freedom" of a mouse as something that hinders game-play by making the most sought after achievements in MM common place. Anything pulled off on a controller will instantly wow PC and console gamers alike.
  10. Sniper should be projectile, all other precision weapons need to be hitscan.
  11. I've tried BF3 and BF4 as well as CS:GO with a controller (on my PC). I will say the kb&m players do have the advantage when it comes to execution (precise mouse movements), but they lack the mobility a stick offers. I've held my own in countless games with a +KD, the trick is to just know this and only engage in point blank COD-like encounters. If anything I noticed that PC players lack the nerves of steel most Halo players have developed over years of small maps and CQC. They can't strafe like us, you can't tuck tail and run like us and they sure as hell never consider getting dropped on.
  12. Area of effect, splash damage... think grenades and rockets, maybe that lame ass ground pound shit.
  13. I love how you can always tell what tier of suck a person is in a FPS, the bottom most tier are those who can't aim and move and shoot at the same time. Virgin-thumbs lol.
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