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  1. Could be totally misremember, but I thought this was addressed by MLG that it was simply a lack of demand to not have their online store sell them? I would love for them to bring it back--I need to get some merch as well.
  2. See, I live on the other side of the planet (Japan) so I've never been able to pin down if it was just the game or my terrible ping (about 100 to the US West data center). It's probably a combination of both, but I feel like I'm being killed behind walls almost consistently now when in comparison to my time playing H5 prior to the tournament.
  3. Even when I run games in H3 Hardcore, I'll get quitters quite frequently to the point where it's a 4v1. I still can't quit because I don't want to get a temp ban. I think 343 has heard loud and clear that the banhammer is a little too strict, but it's a matter of if they have the resources of allowing soft forfeits. Surely that is an addition they can make to MCC, but who knows how long something like that could take to be implemented. I'm also wondering if they can differentiate between legitimate disconnects and quitting. If one was allowed, I'm sure others would simply unplug their Ethernet cable if they didn't want to get a strike. Maybe implementing a system that allows "X" number of strikes per day/week for people that simply lose connection without getting penalized like everyone else? That being said, if someone has such an unstable connection that they are constantly dropping from games, maybe they should not be playing online. Food for thought.
  4. I'm assuming your liver failed on your 10 minutes into the stream. He jumped up to like 300 subs in an hour.
  5. Pride as in what exactly? To me, the community has been so vocal about classic Halo--that when we were given the opportunity, I think everyone wants to show that the scene has been here, waiting. I hope others hop on to the grass roots plan--building up the fan base from the ground up can be a very fun experiment.
  6. Sudden flashbacks to Darkman on G4 running train on Blood Gulch. That would be a fun throwback for laughs for sure.
  7. Talk about a bait-and-switch. here I thought there was something interesting on the horizon. Adam does have a point though. We shouldn't wait for someone to make an event happen for us.
  8. This is a crucial element of what is missing in competitive Halo. We sort of had a thing going with TOX/Splyce, but the Splyce guys didn't care at all; that sucked all of its momentum away completely.
  9. That's IT's way of playing Hot Potato. It's the worst thing about this industry, to be honest. No one wants to take responsibility to make a change/find the appropriate person, team who can help. Edit: Huh, that was fast. Guess my company just sucks.
  10. Didn't Ghandi go on to say for '06 or '07 that as a unit, they hardly put in any games? I think he said he grinded by himself or with a partner from CBN, but compared to other squads they hardly practiced together because of Ghost being in college. My memory might be fuzzy, though so correct me if I'm wrong. Point being, I think they were just head and shoulders above some of the other teams before they figured out how to "crack" their gameplay style. Whether they were practiced or not for this event, they probably don't care, right?
  11. When you factor in 3/4 members who have wins in Reach and H2:A...although not together, I think I'm convinced that they have surpassed the FB legacy. Couple in the core squad of four that has never placed outside of the top 2 since their inception...history was made today. I think it's just difficult to comprehend that someone has came to take the mantle away from FB. Nothing will change their legacy and what they did for the time, but I agree that this squad is on another level after doing some thinking.
  12. History was definitely made today. I just personally give extra points to transitioning to entirely different games and still staying on top (which you could argue in favor of Snakebite/Royal 2 moving over from H2:A). It really is remarkable how a single squad made no roster changes over 3 years and never placed below top 2. I would have liked to see Rec win, but something about TOX's mark in the history books just makes the closing of Halo 5 seem complete.
  13. This CLG/Optic/TOX squad will go down as one of the greatest Halo teams of all time after today. For the entirety of Halo 5 (3 years) they never placed out of the top 2 and took 3/4 season championships. They are definitely the second best Halo squad in my opinion--falling short of Final Boss due to their national champ wins/event wins in 3 different titles. I would say that for Halo Infinite (or a grassroots, official tournament) if this squad of at least 3/4 of its members were to take another title in a different Halo...they would be the same caliber as FB. Their length of playing time as a core unit surpasses any other professional Halo team of all time. That alone speaks volumes. Their game play in the finals shows--their chemistry and just down-right mechanical way of playing...it really is just a competition for second place if you are going up against them.
  14. Trifecta had it and they let it slip between their fingers. I think playing a different shooter most definitely affected Splyce, so that series was Trifecta's to lose. I am just disappointed that they don't seem to care, but that is nothing new with the squad.
  15. I don't want to speak too soon, but the lack of practice coming out of Splyce is showing (unless they just aren't taking pool play seriously). EDIT: Spoke too soon.

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