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  1. Man I want another one of those...Valorant just does not do it for me.
  2. This is a heart-breaking for these teams. I think a lot of competitors would be willing to accept a statement saying that Faceit understands the problems they created and will fix them for the next tournament. Hopefully they don't double down...but who am I kidding?
  3. It was just neat to see the events of Halo 1 told from the "enemy's" perspective. At the time, as much as I didn't like playing as the Arbiter, I appreciate the overly-ambitious story Bungie tried to do back in the day. I wish we got that "final act" rather than the cliffhanger.
  4. This is how easy it is to create problems with multimedia storytelling. In Halo's case, the main medium to be consumed is the video game. All other forms of media that impact the world and lore should be supplemental, not detrimental to understanding the story or motivations of its characters. The more forms of media that is incorporated, the more the core audience is going to be confused because they only consume the original medium (the video game). The Matrix Reloaded pioneered this trend with the Animatrix, having the Human/Robot war history posted for free online before the movie released to give backstory. Although shit, the video game also tied in live-action cut scenes that were filmed during the Matrix Reloaded about Jada Smith's character and her ship. A minor character in the film, but when supplemental media is consumed, it fleshes out her character without stealing time away from the main story and its protagonists. Halo has gotten this backwards since H4. The books are absolutely necessary to understand the story, rather than just expanding the lore or beefing up a side character that couldn't get enough screen time originally. Imagine everyone's surprise in H5 when other Spartan IIs just suddenly show up when the game has said Master Chief was the last of his kind. If you had read Nylund's books, you'd know they had existed, but the game doesn't even properly introduce them. They just suddenly appear like the audience is supposed to know who they are, and we are supposed to care.
  5. Be careful what you wish for; it's a random snap, after all.
  6. I think we could all see the writing on the walls, but it's discouraging seeing how enthusiastic some of the old names and content creators had been about the start of this org. I'm hoping they all band together and start their own thing--there is definitely a place and market for what they were trying to start.
  7. Such a fun 1 bomb map. Bungie said this in their Vidoc waaay back when, but it really is fun playing as the attackers and the defenders. High Ground gives the attackers so many avenues to attempt to plant the bomb. It's fun for defenders to use the laser and protect the gate controls. Maps made for specific modes like that really need to come back. Maps should start from a gameplay standpoint of being fun, not just pretty.
  8. See, I live on the other side of the planet (Japan) so I've never been able to pin down if it was just the game or my terrible ping (about 100 to the US West data center). It's probably a combination of both, but I feel like I'm being killed behind walls almost consistently now when in comparison to my time playing H5 prior to the tournament.
  9. Even when I run games in H3 Hardcore, I'll get quitters quite frequently to the point where it's a 4v1. I still can't quit because I don't want to get a temp ban. I think 343 has heard loud and clear that the banhammer is a little too strict, but it's a matter of if they have the resources of allowing soft forfeits. Surely that is an addition they can make to MCC, but who knows how long something like that could take to be implemented. I'm also wondering if they can differentiate between legitimate disconnects and quitting. If one was allowed, I'm sure others would simply unplug their Ethernet cable if they didn't want to get a strike. Maybe implementing a system that allows "X" number of strikes per day/week for people that simply lose connection without getting penalized like everyone else? That being said, if someone has such an unstable connection that they are constantly dropping from games, maybe they should not be playing online. Food for thought.
  10. I'm assuming your liver failed on your 10 minutes into the stream. He jumped up to like 300 subs in an hour.
  11. Pride as in what exactly? To me, the community has been so vocal about classic Halo--that when we were given the opportunity, I think everyone wants to show that the scene has been here, waiting. I hope others hop on to the grass roots plan--building up the fan base from the ground up can be a very fun experiment.
  12. Sudden flashbacks to Darkman on G4 running train on Blood Gulch. That would be a fun throwback for laughs for sure.
  13. Talk about a bait-and-switch. here I thought there was something interesting on the horizon. Adam does have a point though. We shouldn't wait for someone to make an event happen for us.
  14. This is a crucial element of what is missing in competitive Halo. We sort of had a thing going with TOX/Splyce, but the Splyce guys didn't care at all; that sucked all of its momentum away completely.
  15. That's IT's way of playing Hot Potato. It's the worst thing about this industry, to be honest. No one wants to take responsibility to make a change/find the appropriate person, team who can help. Edit: Huh, that was fast. Guess my company just sucks.
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