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  1. Probably have to wait until retail for fast matching times.
  2. you think after all the glitches and shit are fixed they’ll work on h2a maps, reach and ODST firefight DLC?
  3. Idk why my comment was disliked so much. Those games are strategy based games which should hold the mentally challenging aspect one looks for. There’s not much that goes into it regarding halo I’m afraid besides some minor things such as timing weapons, and pushing either as a team or flanking. Which is more or less not that mentally demanding when you put your own thought into it.
  4. Mentally demanding, like wtf do you want? A shooter that plays like chess? If you want strategy go play rainbow or counter strike.
  5. what do you mean by mentally?Predicting the way players will push, set up, or timing weapons and setting up for that properly.
  6. I’ll stop being an asshole when the classic halo community gets the respect we deserve!Let’s look at facts. H4 was trash because it codified halo(though tbh ordinance drops were worse in halo since the meter didn’t reset after death like it does in cod) but worse so sprint provided the get out of jail free card(which reach implemented) and it pissed off majority of the community. H5 decided to Nerf sprint, but brought along thruster pack which buffed the get out of jail free card. 343 also fucked the aiming up somehow(like what how we go through CE-4 with great aiming(ok h3 had acceleration issues but they weren’t game breaking like halo 5s) and the engine didn’t even feel smooth like at all. One thing I’m glad about is a new engine equals better performance because modifying a 1998 engine for 2 decades is eventually going to break the damn thing.
  7. lol fuck that, I’m being rude immediately. I remember exactly what happened when h5 GP got shown. “Wtf is this”, “343 fucking sucks”, “343 ruined halo” etc etc. there was a couple optimistic sentences saying try the game before you hate, but you could barely make them outside the hatred. These game devs don’t want to see the truth. That’s why they don’t look at their twitch chat, if they did their faces would have an awkward expression, or they’d be perma banning everyone who tells them to fuk off, because that’s how classic fans have felt for the past 8 damn years! Reach became good when V7 came out, but it was tied to one playlist, and 85% bloom and adjusted abilities were nice, but they didn’t TU the whole game and BK’s played OG reach over TU. How dare anyone demand classic fans to be “respectful” when we’ve been disrespected for 8 years. We’ve been told to adapt(and yet most of us are better than these kids who did), we’ve been told to play mcc(broken since release and is just now getting fixed!), and people have the audacity to tell us to leave! Sheet someone must of lost their damn minds. The evidence is there! The people hate advanced mobility and y’all act like halos Decline is due to other games. BS again!
  8. That moron never knows the truth.
  9. maybe because it’s not as popular as h2 & h3.
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