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  1. So is bracket double elim? And how many bracket matches will they play today?
  2. So I haven't been playing H5 that much or really paying attention to anything going on but why are they still using pistol/AR starts with radar? Pretty much just trash settings. And is like everyone been upset about them or is everyone okay cause there is 2m tourney? Just wondering.
  3. Theory


  4. More than likely! I don't care what map I'm playing on. :weback: :weback: :chiefdancing: :chiefdancing: :chiefdancing: :chiefdancing:
  5. This thread just confirms that I've missed all the I can't wait for this event!
  6. The forge community is going to have a field day with this! I can't wait to see what the more skilled forges can think up. :weback: :weback: :weback:
  7. Amazing! Great work! Gave me chills. WE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. While I do agree that there are things in H2A that I don't like but MCC as a whole is amazing. And TBH I would have paid 150 to play OG H2 with RANKS. Everything else is just a bonus imo. So turn your frown upside down because WE BACK!
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