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  1. Yea I see your point. The clip of the Quake montage are in armony with the music, it's impressive. I'll keep that in note! Thanks budy !
  2. Thank you guys!! It's very appreciated to have some constructive feedback. To answer about the fact I jump some kill is because I like when things go fast and the music go very fast too so I was confuse about how I was suppose to follow the rythm when action of the clip is slower. I don't know if I'm clear in my explication especially in english lol. But yeah I totaly agree with your point and it's gonna be something I will consider in my next editing. To be honest, the first song was the first I edited and it's the one I like least. I try a lot of thing and I was a little bit in a ''yolo'' freestyle mindset so yeah this is certainly why this is the worse part of the montage. Again thank you for your comments and your time! It's really appreciated and hope you're gonna see my next montage to see the evolution
  3. Hey everyone! I'm here today to share with you my first Halo montage. I already had good montage notion, but it's the first time for me to work with video game footage! I'm fan of Halo editing since the begining of Halo 3 and it's a big pride for me to finaly have mine and certainly not the last one! I would love to have some feedback so there is the link! Hope you like it and let me know wich part you prefer and wich one you like least. By the way, sorry if my english is not that good, it's because I'm a french canadian

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