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  1. What world are you living in where this is even possible? lol Do you realize what kind of bandwidth this would take. Not to mention 80% of viewers could not even tell the difference.... Also not to mention most streamers couldn't even produce that kind of stream. That would be a significant technical achievement to please a small esoteric audience. And whats all this 'do better forge than ce nonsense'? Forge is one of the better traits of Halo 5' few scant, scare handful.
  2. It's almost like you haven't even played UNO. jeez
  3. Won't be long now. just a couple weeks away from an info dump.
  4. You must be cheating. How did you know he would be there and would only take a small tap fire to kill?
  5. You ever look back at times in your life appreciate the personal growth you've made since then?
  6. Almost as bad as saying OW requires no aiming skill. LOLZ
  7. How bout a weapon, where, when you shoot it, it shoots out an idea for a unique weapon never before seen that has its only pros and cons. It will be called the Firearm Arbitrary Permutation Riffle. aka the F.A.P.R.
  8. Are you sure your own AA disruptor wouldn't disrupt itself. Seems paradoxical. Wouldn't it just do nothing? You can't divide by zero.
  9. Membr when Boyo wanted a spartan shrinking armor ability? Good times
  10. Can you imagine CE on PC with 2v2, 4v4, and 8v8 matchmaking... Unlocked FPS. Ultrawide with splitscreen FOV. Oh lord that makes nether realms tingle.
  11. And they got rid of that QuietMan idiot.
  12. a nice crisp 343p resolution. I'm sorry I cannot watch that video. Love the song though.
  13. I don't know about everyone else, but I read that in the movie announcer guy voice. +1
  14. do one with a better game like ce

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