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  1. team name- KRBY gamertags- fade supra, cpt hind5ight substitution- ONE MAN ARM EEE
  2. Was playing halo reach and play mlg playlist on sanctuary and I was in the sniper HUD and I got snipes through ring 2 wall and through the pillars of the HUD and I was like how did I get sniped lol then I watched the vid and seen that I was like wtf
  3. to tell people the truth this is actually a good thing to do and do a halo 2 anniversary because of the halo 5 beta access this just promotes halo 5 if anything and a lot of people are asking for a halo 2 anniversary. So why not do it and delay halo 5 people will be playing the crap out of halo 2 anniversary and when halo 5 comes out people will switch and this way 343 can understand if halo 5 is bad or good.
  4. hype for a video game isnt a bad thing even if its for halo, in fact halo needs hype now a days because of halo reach and halo 4 population decline to put it into words halo 5 actually is getting good hype beccause 343 knows where they went wrong and have had time to understand how to fix it
  5. my least favorite playlist was always big team battle halo 4 really focused on big team and it hurt halo 4 with almost every dlc that came out was for big team. My favorite playlist was swat i was a big fan of swat since halo reach and the skill carried over to halo 4 but even after doing good in swat the playlist became dull and i stopped playing hopefully halo 5 will be much better
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