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  1. To be fair there is a bit of backstory to this, Naded was just being silly Naded but the guy took offense. https://clips-media-assets.twitch.tv/141832942.mp4 https://clips-media-assets.twitch.tv/141833120.mp4 (Not sure how to embed the video my b)
  2. @@Onset is this to do with the new HCS settings or something else?
  3. Thats what you get being a multi console game that has managed to retain a population for 2 years and 8 months. In the last day alone, 223,401 individual players have played just PVP. http://guardian.gg/en
  4. You don't understand the purpose of placement matches do you. I thought this horse had beaten to death a long time ago. A placement match isn't supposed to be "even" in most cases. From the opposing team in this match I can almost guarantee you are Onyx in this playlist, which will mean your background level (MMR) will be high, which will mean your placement matches will first and formost be with Onyx or above to see if your background level still matches your actual skill, as you lost and lost by a lot, your next placement match if you had played another one would more likely be against Onyx players. Honestly I'm surprised people still moan about placement matches, the real issue is that AFTER you're placed into a rank, games are still uneven because the population is terrible.
  5. I would recommend watching a bit more of the the EU tournament in general if you have the time, the difference in production quality is crazy. Minimal downtime and when there was downtime it was filled with really great player and caster videos, great venue which was packed out and really fucking hype and I can hardly think of any technical issues.
  6. My Reddit thread is surprisingly one sided https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/6bcptc/quinn_delhoyo_promoted_to_lead_designer/?st=J2RWN9G7&sh=95a6699a Custom, social and casual community see him as a competitive minded individual so aren't happy and the competitive community aren't happy because we know his idea of competitive is very different in some regards to our ideas.
  7. Sorry, was on the train home. Should of showed source. https://twitter.com/quinndelhoyo
  8. So Quinn is now "Lead designer", is that a promotion from multiplayer designer? If so how badly do you have to fuck up to not get a promotion at 343!
  9. I think he's confused, many people say the ranking system is shit when they actually mean the matchmaking. People don't realise the ranking system is the same as 1-50 just with extra ranks, h5 just makes it a lot more visual. Josh menke does a better job at explaining it then most of us do though ha
  10. I'm really surprised Quinn, being the Multiplayer designer for Halo 5 hasn't even tweeted or even retweeted about the changes to proving grounds/HCS. Maybe because he made it clear his opinion on AR just last month?
  11. Crazy to think people flew out from all over to sit in a shitty tent watching a stream. Props to @@TheSimms for at least offering some help to her.
  12. I've tagged them in every tweet from someone high profile, fuck knows if it even matters at this point. I have a feeling I'll just get blocked tbh which is the sad part.
  13. Oh lord are you talking about the 14 Day Buy and Play DLC where they couldn't just admit they released a DLC for free and instead fabricated a lie about how it was a "trial"
  14. Annnnnd this is what I mean, stubborn and childish on their behalf.
  15. The problem is that in the past we have seem how stubborn some of the 343i employees can be and with stubborn people getting called out like this just makes them even more stubborn and refuse to own up. I'm hoping that with how big this has gotten they suck it up and accept that not everything they do is perfect.
  16. To the people defending the venue, saying the pictures don't do the main stage justice.....it's not just about the main stage. From the looks of it there is minimal space for actual spectators and that most of the seats are taken up by staff, players, press and legendary pass holders. The rest of the spectators that turned up either get lucky and get a seat in main stage behind everyone else or have to go sit in a tent with a shitty screen with black lines going through it. THIS IS THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, I feel like that isn't going through the heads of the people giving US shit.
  17. I mentioned this yesterday. Said I wish they put a bit more time and effort into editing a good play of the day video instead of some dull highlights with nothing over the top, someone pointed out yesterday that the vids were actually scrims, not sure if it was the same you just saw as I was away from the stream.
  18. Whats the point in having this video content if the time between games is too short to show it.
  19. Ah ok, thanks for the clarification. I definitely think they should look at doing quick highlight videos like MLG do
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