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  1. I'll be frank. The first soulsbourne game I ever played was Dark souls 3 and I loved it. The gameplay, the fighting, the levels and bosses. It was magnificent. Considering that I'm a "souls game virgin", I've gotten pretty far as I am at the last boss of the game. Without spoiling it for other "virgins" I have successfully beaten the L__ds of Ci___r and are at the final stage and I absolutely loved everything about It. Of course I raged a bit, everyone does but that feeling of beating a boss that you've fought for so long is amazing. Then I discovered Bloodbourne and immediately fell in love with it. The atmosphere and art style was something I would enjoy a lot since I love anything to do with hunters and Victorian settings. Wow, this game looks like it was made for me. You play as a hunter, prowling the streets of Yharnam(Not sure about the spelling, sorry BB fans), killing your way through a Victorian-esque landscape. F*** yeah! However, since DS3 was my first souls game, i'm not sure if I would make the same progress in BB. Souls game veterans love it but I feel like I wouldn't enjoy it since I'm not an expert at these games. But I dunno.... and I know it's kinda late getting into it and everything. I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether I should pick it up or not. Thanks for reading.
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