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  1. I just read this article as well : https://alphasportsbetting.com/news/will-smith-world-cup-2018, what do you guys think of the song ? I miss Wavin' Flag so much haha
  2. I pretty much agree with you, at the moment Brazil Spain and Germany look like the strongest teams for their teamplay. I think France has everything to be a potential winner but we may lack of a true identity, a true playstyle. I don't know Belgium very well under Martinez but apparently he is not a fans' favorite ! Do you think Colombia could do a better run than their 2014 QF in Brazil ? They looked good and have shown great character against France a few months ago, winning 3-2 in Paris after being down 0-2.
  3. Hey guys, World Cup 2018 is approaching ! I thought it could be good to create this topic as I didn't find any related to the World Cup taking place in Russia a few weeks. I want to know who your favorites are, who you will support etc... I will support France because I love Griezmann and MBappe, I also love to see Mo Salah play but I am not sure he will be fit for the World Cup after reading this article : https://alphasportsbetting.com/news/is-salah-out-of-the-world-cup-2018 Let me know your thoughts !

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