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  1. Hmm, dunno how I feel about this. :/
  2. I have some Zero Bloom gametypes and maps in my fileshare: GT: Vode CE
  3. 343 is a business. They need to make money. Money is made by catering to the lowest common denominator. Making a game without sprint, gimmicks and classic Halo gameplay doesn't do that. We are just another fraction of people they are trying to appeal to. You won't see anything like the Anniversary's Throwback (which was freaking awesome BTW) as a main stay in the MM playlists... It's awesome that 343 is pushing the E-Sports aspect, which Bungie never did, but unfortunately I feel the game just isn't enjoyable enough on a core level like the classic trilogy. I'm also quite sure people don't like 343's art direction, music (all hail Marty), narrative direction and some technical aspects of the game (shipping without forge, not having certain theater functions). Sad that Halo isn't even close to being in the top 10 on XBL. In my heart I know it would be if Halo 4 and 5 would be closer to one of the three Classic Trilogy styles of gameplay and game features.
  4. Yeah it's true. The game is both complicated and confusing for beginners while at the same time isn't very balanced or rewarding for competitive play. This completely kills any of the more social oriented playlists like Warzone and BTB. Halo used to be easy to pick up and enjoy while hard to master... But hey the Arena 4v4 playlists are not that bad this time I guess.
  5. Damn, if I only were from the US as well. Looks pretty sweet!
  6. Damn right son, forgot about that. Jeeez H5 is looking worse by the minute. Lel
  7. Halo 4 BTB was better. Halo 4 Extraction was nice. Halo 4 had Social playlists so playing 4v4 or 5v5 a lone wasn't a chore. There where no shitty microtransactions and no Warzone. You could start with a decent utility weapon (DMR, BR) There you go that's what was better in H4. Mechanically and in a lot of other aspects H5 is much better.
  8. Halo Reach was worse for sure. In H4 I remember pubstomping and BTB was pretty fun in a loose and relaxing way. The game and shooting at least felt smooth and the DMR was in a way that you could do a lot of damage. The frustration came when wanting to play in a competitive environment. Reach was just painful in every way you were trying to play the game. Can't kill anybody. Bloom shitfest. Armor lock. Sluggish. Sword base. Please kill me!
  9. Alright thanks man! I'm not that casual haha. I meant if it was worth downloading and playing, Cheers
  10. Damn it guys I'm a filthy casual nowadays. It feels like it has been months since I last played a Halo game and that was Campaign. Lolol Are the new Halo 5 updates any good? Is it worth downloading and installing the last 2?
  11. Just do a classic oriented gametype on H5. CE Pistol starts OR H2 BR starts + fast power up timers on some of the better maps.
  12. Fuck this man it's still like 20 fps +stuttering all over the place. Backwards compatible my ass.
  13. I don't get the H1 Magnum hate. I think it looks pretty good actually...
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