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    Hi guys, I've been searching for photoshop users, trying to find people who can make photo overlays where the image is cut and placed onto a canvas, , add cool text, and would like to gain profit, this kind of fashion is very leading into today's market for entertainment. The payments are rounded towards 50 USD to 150 USD per work, interested? Shoot me a message here at TB, the site is live, not advertising it on the TB forums. Thanks for your time. - NYCE
  2. NYCE

    NBA Thread

    Go Seahawks, cant knock us, Phili Eagles go hard too.
  3. Holler back TB, I'm liking the design of this forum, very soothing. I'm a entertainment promoter and hiphop emcee starting 16 years ago. I'm joined to build a relationship with folks who like to have fun with peers online. Get at me, I'm a avid innernet thugg, holler, dont worry because I'm a very nice guy, dont let the word thugg make you think otherwise. Thanks for your time, I'll be staying awhile! - NYCE
  4. Hello. I'm new to this site also, hope to see you online someday.

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