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  1. Don't be an introverted fuck, and go out and have a grand, but smart time. Meet new people, men and females, because too many friends is never a bad thing. Last don't get arrested lolz.
  2. I really think it all boils down to how they were raise and the environment/friends they are associated with. I know people who subtweet and talk crap behind others back, but I also know others who will straight up tell you like it is. I prefer the latter
  3. How do you know she stopped? Are you going thru her phone? Cuz that will look hellllla insecure
  4. You have a really negative mindset that will only hurt you before you even attempt to talk to the girl. Fix that shit bruh
  5. I wouldn't fret it, but I would keep that shit to a minimum for sure.
  6. It really is a shame.. I am actually starting to like this girl a little, but I won't be able to get in a relationship because of me moving soon and like JBee said it would just be my turn. Inb4KarmaIsABitch
  7. Technically impossible seeing as how I don't plan on getting a relationship with her, but good try.
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