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  1. That's a lot of pieces for something so simple, won't it have screen lag? It looks really nice though
  2. One

    Music Thread

    Have a Nice Life - Cropsey
  3. Personally i think the movement speed is too fast. It rewards the worse player by letting them get away too fast and it makes power positions less relevant. In Reach you can run around as a bottom feeder and still clean up house. In Halo 3/ Halo 2 it actually takes skill to do this because the movement speed is slower making the timing for the kills harder, which means positioning is harder which makes having the better position more important, thus power positions are more relevant. The only reason why speed is faster in MLG is to speed up gameplay by a tad and make the strafes faster to reward the better shot. I think MLG got a little ahead of themselves in reach though.
  4. Nice but that BR in lobby Reach FFA's were always so fun, i would love to play Reach if the player movement wasn't so fast, v7 is like having infinite sprint
  5. Good information, please break it down into paragraphs though. It's really painful to read run on paragraphs.
  6. One

    Music Thread

    Haha it just sounds too cheesy, they've done way better than that
  7. One

    Music Thread

    Janitor of Lunacy Cover is really good as well http://youtu.be/bFMhi5MM25A
  8. One

    Music Thread

    That was honestly one of cc's songs i've never really liked :/
  9. They have Bravo, Neighbor, Ghost, and a bunch of other Halo 2 players working at 343…There is gonna be button glitches….
  10. I have a Macbook Pro, if someone knows how to get XBC on it or if XBC could just make a damn MAC version i would totally download it.
  11. I just wanna say that when Halo 2 comes back…I'm not leaving my house for a straight 2 weeks
  12. One


    Seriously? That gives me an idea
  13. It's not about the views. That's all people care about now a days, views, fame, twitter followers (has to be the dumbest of all)…etc It's all just an illusion the ego creates to feel better about themselves. Some people want to just genuinely want to game..
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