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  1. I hope so, every other clip they were showing was halo
  2. I imagine its been talked about already, but I'm pretty sure I saw sprint in halo infinite during the xbox scarlett showcase video. at 3:55 in this video
  3. OK so it hasn't been confirmed. Gouda gouda.I think I can safely say most people are going to be disappointed regardless though.
  4. Has sprint actually been confirmed in the game or are you guys just assuming the worst?
  5. Can someone link me to the MLG announcement? Or the page it was on.
  6. So what happened with Quinn in all this? Is he finished at 343?
  7. Clicked use to have some really cool videos on the beyond youtube last year. Hope those can start coming back.
  8. Same here, not to mention we didn't really see like any gameplay stuff in that trailer. I made the mistake of getting Battlefield 1 this year, never again will I get another fps based on hype besides Halo.
  9. Well he's going to get more attention and tv coverage than anyone else in the league because he's Crosby, so it's going to seem like he's crying more than everyone else naturally. That's what I was trying to say before. Anyways, all the really matters is the Sens made it to round 2 and the Leafs didn't.
  10. Sens pls... even though they'll get knocked out in the second
  11. It's self selection bias either way according to Quinn, but I'll definitely vote.
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