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  1. Some did not have MCC and finding a Xb360/around here is pretty much impossible. Plus after the BR nerf and these amazing remakes we felt that perhaps we could show that Halo 5 and future of the game dont need all the abilities to be comp.
  2. H5 CLASSIC Settings LAN in Alabama tomorrow starting around Noon if anyone in GA would travel for it. I have 25+ remakes scaled with exact weapon timers set for H3. All makes are 99% 1;1 ratio, and since the BR nerf this has played really well in my customs. Its in North Alabama (Athens) area. I know its kinda late but we have a good set of players coming from bham and huntsville areas, so I thought id ask anyone willing to travel a little bit from GA to come on out. GT: Fiipyn for more details
  3. Shot in the dark here.. H3 anniversary LAN using H5. 25+ remakes with all the movement speed exactly like H3. All remakes from CE-4 are to scale and are 99.9% accurate. Every gametype in MLG can be played on any map! LAN is TOMORROW at NOON in FAR North Alabama. (Just south of Ardmore) msg Fiipyn on XBL if interested.
  4. LAN will be tomorrow at NOON. I have 25+ remakes all scaled perfectly and everything working as it did in CE-H3. Please let me know if you are interested and I can give you directions. Its in Elkmont.
  5. LAN in Athens! H5 Classic settings with Classic BR (since the BR nerf these settings work great, yes all old maps are 1:1 ratio) Also playing CE,2-3 GT - Fiipyn (Some of you all might know me as Pointzzzzzzzzz)

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