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  1. The fact that Outpost would not get in because of aesthetics is beyond me. I think the reskin will undoubtedly impact gameplay just because those those types of forge pieces have strange invisible barriers. Also, MLG changed CTF settings all the time back in the glory days. They simply made an intro for the map that summarized the settings. It would say "5 captures to win" and "at the 15 minute mark the game will end unless there is a tie in which it will continue until the next flag capture." Therefore, it is very easy and necessary to have multiple versions of CTF and strongholds. I'm also unsure as to why they are not testing KOTH. If they actually do disable sprint (probably will refuse to do so) KOTH should be fairly easy to make competitive settings for. Also, for the guy asking about viewership it was around 18k for the majority of champ sunday and 30k for the finals. Only difference came from Ninja dropping 100k viewers on the stream.
  2. You're not wrong. However, this could be a larger positive. The main positive from removing ground pound and Spartan charge is they make aerial melee's slower than standing ones. GP and SC are mapped to the melee button so when you're in the air the game waits to melee until it's sure that you aren't sprinting or going to hold the button to Spartan charge. I know in past updates they've tried to fix this but there are still slower aerial melees and ghost melees. I'm hoping there's a way to patch this problem in the new settings but I doubt it will happen.
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