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  1. Remember how in Halo 2 you actually had to be somewhat witty with your insults? Now these geeks just post some reddit. Well done. I fucked your mom.
  2. Yeah it takes a whole lot of skill to jump before meleeing.
  3. Rewarding jump+melee with more damage seems idiotic to me.
  4. Pick ups, like power weapons or powers ups, are what should keep players moving (forward). I don’t think the direction you are traveling in should influence how your weapon/attack behaves.
  5. I don’t think momentum should be rewarded because I think players should pretty much be in continuous motion with their weapons dealing consistent damage. It sounds like you want shoulder charger or whatever H5 calls it. That rewards momentum and seems dumb as shit.
  6. Giving the sniper an extended range melee just because it has a large weapon model is pretty dumb. It is (technically) a long range weapon. Don’t give it CQC buffs. It should have areas it is weak(er) in.
  7. If you really want unique melee properties, you should be pushing for things like a Plasma Launcher melee sticking an enemy with a plasma nade or something like that. Range, damage, and speed seem like they should be consistent across all weapons. For accessibility’s sake.
  8. If a game is going to have specific melee weapons like sword or hammer, with their own unique properties like lunge or push, then all regular weapons should share the same melee characteristics. If the game doesn’t have any melee weapons then by all means make each weapon have unique melee characteristics.
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