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  1. Today we have something fresh for you! A Halo 5 launching montage, featuring some insane launches by one of our members, Toolbox! Enjoy!
  2. Years ago when Halo 4 first released, Nowise found the first cutscene room on Midnight, where Infinity blasts a hole in the Didacts ship. Now a few years later we discovered and explored the other two remaining cutscene rooms, The Tunnel that Chief flies through and the Crashed Broadsword Room. To our surprise the rooms were actually solid, since H4 isn't really known for having solid out of map areas. These are some of the cooler rooms we've explored in Halo 4, hope you guys enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pURr9r_cyAo
  3. Merry Christmas! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAjKiuhcvRc
  4. Hey everyone! We've got a fun one for you today.. About 2 weeks ago we were messing around in theater on Nightfall, and our camera teleported into a strange room! Upon further investigation it turned out that the room was at the origin of the map, or X:0 Y:0 Z: 0 for the coordinates. The room is about 50 units under the ground in solid space. The same night we found it, we got into the room. We knew awhile ago that the banshee clip worked when we did the Pointless Box, but couldn't find an application for it until now. We hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for being so supportive always on our tricking endeavors https://youtu.be/xqJilT7JigA
  5. Wowee this is a big one.. The Long Night Slipspace Pelican that Jorge comes in on was so taunting that its back was even open to us to see the inside, but there being an invisible wall in front of it, and given the lack of resources, this trick has been incomplete for ages.. until now. The key to it was Armor Lock, and lots of Armor Lock. Making a physical corner out of players using the ability, we were able to setup a groundpound into the Pelican from above where there originally is no corner. We hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJduMZwGpRI
  6. At long last, we have conquered that pilot seat! The Falcons on Exodus that fly in at the top of Traxus Tower were designed for an evacuation route, where the player rides in the side seat of the Falcon to fight their way to the next area. Over the years, many have attempted to pilot these Falcons using a multiplicity of operations and ideas, but all to no avail. One could even kick the pilot out of the Falcon, though would still not have the option to fly it. It took actually overloading the map entirely then spawning the Falcons without a pilot altogether to essentially spawn a fully operational Falcon. The missing piece of the puzzle has now been found. We hope you enjoy this little adventure. This trick is a huge one off our list.
  7. Hey guys, Ponyo here with a new video, featuring the best launches from our former half of the group. Enjoy!

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