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  1. So we kind of figured out how to play inside of a cutscene on Reach.. It's kind of unreal seeing the video title here, because for years we dreamed and joked about the idea of seeing the Supercarrier in game. Our list of tricks for this mission was actually entirely crossed off until we had the idea to come back and do this. This is the first time anyone has legitimately played in a cutscene while it is playing without mods in Halo: Reach! Hope you guys enjoy!
  2. The Master Chief Statue, suspended a staggering 80 units above the map of Lone Wolf in the shipyard, was one of the three remaining Reach trick challenges. For the past ten years we've dabbled with this trick, testing multiple methods to reach the height of the statue, and how to execute the plan. With the limitation of resources, needing to get not one, but THREE people out of the map in a single attempt, and having a slanted surface to launch from, and of course not to mention the fact that there are no checkpoints, meaning you have one attempt per restart, there were too many factors that just seemed impossible to take all into account and to execute perfectly. Recently we discovered a better position to stand on the Spirit dropships that make the out of map with Armor Lock much easier to successfully pull off, which made getting three players out in a single attempt much more likely. Eventually then we reached the height of the statue a few times but the slant was a problem for us. We actually had to use PanCam and physical sheets of math to line up the correct trajectory to the statue; not an easy process at all. But once we knew we had the height for the statue the rest was just little technical pieces that would bring the whole thing together. The reason why this must be done on Local if you're on 360 is that you need pancam to line up correctly. If you are playing MCC you can activate pancam in multiplayer, though. We would laugh if we knew a few months ago that we'd be uploading a video showing the completion of the Master Chief Statue, but sure enough, lo and behold, here we are. On March 25th, 2020, Sekela successfully landed the launch to the Master Chief Statue, and completed this major tricking challenge.
  3. In honor of Halo Reach coming to MCC/PC we thought you guys might enjoy this one! Getting to the Lone Phantom has been a long standing challenge from the early days of Halo Reach. The phantom is briefly in the map at the start of the mission then flies past you, out of the map, then just sits in this distance. Playing/tricking of the level Lone Wolf is like tricking in sudden death! No checkpoints, to respawns, little to no resources, limited weapons and armor abilities. Not to mention the one and only out of map is pretty challenging. Hope you guys enjoy!
  4. Hey guys! Got a big one today for you all This is a big deal in our opinion because we were never able to see the Truth biped alive at any other time in Halo 3!! The only other time we see him is his dead corpse after his death cutscene on “The Covenant”. So we actually managed to get to him in game, rather than seeing him on a monitor or cutscene. We hope you enjoy! https://youtu.be/mq_Xf_JJDrM
  5. Hi everyone! We're back with a big one today. On the Pillar of Autumn, Noble Six's order's are to destroy the Covenant Cruiser to prevent the glassing of the Autumn's shipyard. Ominously floating in the distance, the Cruiser stands hundreds of metes in the air, ready to beam down on the planet, so we decided to launch straight up to it. The Cruiser never has a solid platform until the beam begins to fully charge, specifically when you hear "Fire now Lieutenant! Hit her in the gut!". At that point, a small cube spawns on the beam, which is a holder for a large solid platform designed as the impact hitbox and end trigger once the MAC cannon round you're normally supposed to fire hits that space. Instead, we used that solid platform as a landing point to officially land us on the Covenant Cruiser. We hope you enjoy!
  6. Halo on foot was a challenge that many players have tried to do at least once in their Halo 3 careers. The goal is to complete and finish the mission, 'Halo' without stepping foot in a vehicle. Due to the falling panels that fall faster than a walking player and the massive gap between the final ramp and the Dawn, and being restricted from launching since that requires a vehicle, the challenge "seems" undoable. We're here to show that you can, indeed, complete Halo without stepping foot in a vehicle, and without any association with vehicles. We hope you enjoy!
  7. Hey everyone! Here's a rather interesting one, one that had never crossed our minds until done by accident. The launch facility Sabre that originally is found in the Countdown area on the campaign mission, Long Night of Solace, can be prevented from spawning when you load the area, and since all three parts of the mission: the beginning, space area one, and space area two - all take place in the same area (they just overlap each other) we figured out a way to cancel its initial spawn and store it until later in a completely unintended area. The sheer oddity of this one is a favorite of ours. We completed this some time back in 2018, but was never shown until Collective, launching from the bottom of the space area onto the Sabre platform. We hope you enjoy this one!
  8. This is it. This is the magnum opus. Collective is a Multi-Halo Tricking and Launching Montage that has been in the works scrupulously for the past four years. Some of the content featured here dates back to 2013, not long after the birth of Tour group. Over this long period of time we have been working steadily towards completing some of the biggest remaining tricking challenges (some of which date back to 2011!), gathering content, raising the bar, and pushing the Halo series to its absolute limits. Some of our most far-fetched tricking visions are made a reality in Collective: with new out of maps, new tricking methods, and new discoveries of all sorts. Clocking in at fifteen months of editing, and about 1500 hours of game time, with full hearts and contentment, this is our tribute to the tricking community, for its unparalleled beauty and for its undying spirit. Thank you to everyone for your endless support throughout these years, and for keeping the tricking community alive. Enjoy the show! Termacious Trickocity
  9. We finally managed to break into Keyes Pelican at the end of Pillar of Autumn, using a huge sequence of tricks! This took us four in game hours to complete the whole setup but was worth every bit of it. We hope you enjoy!
  10. Hey guys, we're here with a BIG one today. For years now we've been trying on and off to figure out how to pull off the Mini Spartan on Tip of the Spear. In fact, some of our earliest attempts date way back to 2014. Now finally, at long last, after an incredibly intricate blueprint, we finally figured it out! We hope you enjoy!
  11. Hey everyone! We're back with a fairly simple fun trick you can do on your own or with a friend. The beginning of Reunion has no vehicles that you can use to get out of the map and explore with. When you get to the end of Reunion, you can bring a Phaeton to where the mission ends, do a few loadzone tricks and bypass the cutscene trigger. When you bypass the cutscene trigger there is a loadzone behind it that loads the mission start of Reunion and keeps your Phaeton. This allows you to fly where ever you want. There are some solid structures you can explore but there are also a lot of fake structure that aren't solid. We haven't done a lot of exploring with this so who knows whats out there! I hope you enjoy and try this fun trick out with some friends!
  12. With the all encompassing beauty that is Halo, from its organic landscapes, to hearty string and chords, it was time for a one hour mix of relaxing Halo music, harmonized by nature sounds and lovely birdsong ambiance. May this take you to a distant meadow far off on the Installations, or wherever it is you wish to be.
  13. On New Alexandria, occasionally players will receive an objective to escort Sergeant Buck through the crumbling city to safety, and afterwards he will then hop out of his Falcon, run through a door, then disappear. Even if you were to block the doorway he is on a timer to deload. Well, today we're here to show you how to prevent Buck from deloading, therefor keeping him with as long as you want, basically joining your fireteam! You can take him through the mission with you, and, dependent on which Buck objective you do this trick with, you can proceed to the very end of the mission with him. We hope you enjoy!
  14. This one is a pressure launch trick you can do that allows you to get completely out of the beginning of Blue Team. Way above the map there is a huge solid platform you can walk around on. It's about 5x larger than the normal playable area so there's lots of space to run around up there. You can drop anywhere you like back into the map or outside the map. Very cool, easy and fun glitch to try out. Thanks for watching! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN9po-0IN28
  15. It was time to take trick jumping to a new, experimental, free flowing dimension. The many ways of dissecting Reach's campaign opens doors to infinite possibility, and with that we present jumping with a twist. For a lot of these jumps, the setup was just as tedious as the jump. We hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhEipRl7nrI
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