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  1. there are too many peasant friends and family members around me who love Halo as much as i do 100% inevitable that i play MCC, in fact i am 100% certain I'll probably play it before most of you thanks to some local game shops here in NY and some crackhead-like halo fiends i got as friends Buuuuuuuutttttttttt atleast I aint wasting my hard-earned money on the hilariously silly xb1, nor sacrificing my values tho B) pcmasterrace
  2. yo i read Halo 3's achievements and almost cried warped back to 2007 we back
  3. Can someone explain to me why 2v2 cannot be launched next to the 4v4 for CE Who are you hurting what, less people might play 4v4 playlists? who gives a crap, there will be far, far more than enough players to spare I'm talking a solid million players, give or take 100k on each playlist (even more after Xmas) who cares if the 2v2 playlists steals a couple thousand jeeeeeesus
  4. btb in CE is ridiculously active prolly more numbers than H4 has today ..... :frank: :goat:
  5. awww ***** you just brought me back to when i made this thread in MLG OT (r.i.p.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5yb2H7Fqi8 WOOPTY WOOP, WOOPTY WOOP-WOOP WOOPTY WOOP, WOOPTY WOOP WOOPTY WOOP-WOOP CALIFORNIA DUNGEONSSS
  6. don't know a soul that can resist high level ranked 2v2 Halo CE in HD 1080p @ 60fps, dedicated servers with the glorious xb1 controller
  7. CE 2v2 playlist would mayyyybe justify spending all that money on it but as of right now, I'll wait til it comes to PC
  8. Meh no CE 2v2 playlist = no strong urge to buy anymore
  9. Yall wanna hear something funny? I wish you could trade in your 360 and like 5 games to get the xbox one for $100. must not let peasantry become my Dark Passenger
  10. moa luvs me cuz when he's with me, his name is ''moan''
  11. downclocked 7780 = xbox one graphics card i got a spare rig here that is roughly equivalent to an xbox one i just ran H2 vista at 1080p campaign co-op on one monitor and Dragon Age 1 high, anti-aliasing x8, 1080p (free on Origin btw) on another monitor xbox one controller set to the h2v monitor, m&kb set to DA for 15 minutes and their frame rates averaged above 75fps still ran h2v and tried a newer game on the other monitor started up crysis 2 high, no AA, 1080p average FPS roughly 58fps draw ur conclusions
  12. whoever the hell is being lazy isn't relevant bruh the fact is that dev laziness is potentially hindering H2A's MP competitive value ...now aint that a tune we're tired of hearing 'round these parts
  13. aye xbox one might be hilariously underpowered but it's not THAT underpowered H2 is a 10 year old game with average visuals and physics H2A itself isn't taxing/demanding it makes zero sense and so I call BS will chalk it up to 343 laziness
  14. Iol at people actually believing H2A MP will be native 1920x1080p at constant 60fps when the single player campaign will not be (because of some obvious BS reason) Why in the hell would 343 work twice on the MP visuals when they have an engine already figured out at 1326x1080p upscaled to 1920x1080p But I'm done speculating and making educated guesses. Guess we will see when MCC releases if any game on MCC does native 1920x1080p @ 60fps.
  15. Never ceases to amaze me how people can genuinely rage over the internet. ''H2A campaign is the only thing not running at native 1080p'' you don't know that, and based on console gaming developers' track record of lying about the resolutions of their games, it ain't crazy to speculate H2A MP will suffer the same fate of its SP counterpart. Are reading skills dying beginning to become non-existent in America, or are people really this dense?
  16. Couldn't hear you over MGS V, Final Fantasy, Ryse Son Of Rome, Tekken 7, DRAGON BALL Z and GTA V etc etc etc coming to PC ...and obviously MCC soon ;*
  17. 1st off, MCC will make its way to PC eventually so ain't no one worried about that. Secondly, I fail to see how any of this has to do with H2A MP being potentially unsuitable for competitive play due to hardware limitations.
  18. That whole "running two engines" being the reason for upscaling & stretching of H2A seems sketchy as fuck. Running OG Halo 2 in even in 1080p.60fps, even at the same damn time, shouldn't force 343 to cripple the resolution of H2A in order to maintain 60 fps. .....or am I seriously oblivious to how underpowered the XBOne is?
  19. Fun fact: you've mentioned the PC more than I have in this current discussion of H2A being potentially laggy due to its resolution issues. Stay on topic or get blocked.
  20. How would you know that? Developers claim their games run at a certain resolution all the time and when the game releases, it's proven it's upscaled. Plus the H2A multiplayer game is the engine causing the upscaling in the first place since XB1 can hardly run it at true native 1080p 60 fps.
  21. Read the posts please. Upscaling causes blur and stretching causes lag. This can hinder gameplay, and ruin immersion, so yes, graphics do matter.
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