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  1. Yes. I mean, you can't have a 90-year old woman achieve GOAT status...
  2. This could be sooo exploited by "friendly quitting" before dying the final death and they would lose a lot less, if that made any sense
  3. You thought Halo 3 was a terrible game?
  4. Did you not just say that Halo 4 will be the hardest game to achieve max rank? And a few sentences later, did you not just say that Halo 4 was the easiest game to achieve max rank? Is this not blatant contradiction?
  5. Is this supposed to be the rumored Halo: The Master Chief Collection? EDIT: No, it's not, this is for Xbox 360. Im stupid :P
  6. Ooh, it was my birthday yesterday on June 8th! Im 14 now Ghostayame and I are birthday buddies :P
  7. DBZ. Naruto. Bleach. ANIME.
  8. Nice to meet ya Noble. And I'm not a professional montager guy or whatever, but I have some few thoughts for the montage that are purely opinions. Try not to put almost every clip in slow mode, it makes the entire montage tedious. It's a good effect in certain places, but try your best not to over use it. Second, single kill clips are amazing, but multikills clips are amazinger. From my PoV, single clips kills are simple lucky shots; it's the multikills that show the skill. Thirdly, I'm simply curious to why the first clip of that montage was from CoD. Just my 2 cents
  9. Well they are both using REACH's sniper, so.....
  10. My best moment was the first FPS I played at my friend's party. It was Halo Reach. We were playing Infection on Reflection, and our Indian friend who was playing with us was a pacifist, but he was the only zombie. So he kept running away and saying "I don't believe in violence! I don't want to infect you! Stay away from me!"
  11. IN THE END: I tried so hard, and got so far... but in the end, it never ever mattered... REMEMBER THE NAME: This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill Fifteen percent concentrated power of will Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!
  12. What tickles my pickle the most is why radar would be enabled in the most competitive playlist
  13. Player Name: james1ai409 Winner: Vacha Wrecks Round Number: ??? Score: Well, I played the first round, was beaten, played the second round, was GETTING beaten, but then lagged out. So I went back and told Vacha Wrecks that since I lagged out, he won the second match, winning the 2 out of 3 matches.
  14. When I saw this thread's title, I was thinking of the actual title (name) of the Halo games. I was like "Hmm, I wonder what this guy is gonna say. Maybe there's a grammatical error in one of the titles. Or maybe they should have included a hyphen instead of a colon. Who knows..."
  15. Isn't this during the same timeframe as the Spring Showdown 1v1 tournament?
  16. Just for confirmation, Team Slayer and Proving Ground are Team-based CSR, correct?
  17. Ashamed to say it, but one of my favorite Halo OSTs actually comes from Halo 4. It's Arrival, and plays on the last mission Midnight when you have to take out the 3 towers before defeating the Didact. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZO-LUmfowLw
  18. Editing might be a wee bit over-redundant But this is definitely one of the better montages out there Gameplay was astonishing
  19. GT: james1ai409 Wait, Im a little confused. So is everyone who registers guaranteed to get in? It says that there is a 32 bracket, but how will these 32 be determined?

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