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  1. It makes it less boring, I don't know, I don't really care what any of you think anymore. If everyone has sprint then we're all on an even playing field, that's all I've wanted since reach. If you can't see how h5 will be competitive then as I said; I don't care.
  2. God, I'm saying it needs to be RE balanced. The way in which 343 has gone about it is stupid and is completely in in-effective. This is only because I feel that 343 won't take it out of h5. If sprint cancels (like it never has done) when you're being shot then it doesn't hinder gameplay it only increases depth and getting into gunfights sooner. You got your way with h2a and it's kind off boring to watch, so I don't know what I can say anymore. I think I'll just leave you all to it and rub it in a year from now.
  3. If you use it wrong, to escape, or around people you didn't know were there, you die, unless you can shoot your way out.. or if your team mates bail you out of course
  4. A balanced sprint can't be used defensively though, you can only get into an offensive position faster and are punished for using it at the wrong time. I need to check the whole gun down thing that you guys keep mentioning though; what's the idea behind that?
  5. I was truncating my point but that's actually very well put. The same as in the "cartoon" style that halos original multiplayers were presented in i.s what I meant. I think a truly balanced sprint will increase the depth with in halo's movement, more so than the thruster will.
  6. the link doesn't say that, that's for the full game, it should be pretty obvious to you that the full game will have fully customisable armour.
  7. It's at least 3 time as good as xbox 360 live ar starts.
  8. totally, more unlockables can only be a good thing, just not crazy grind nonsense like the dirt they put in for stances.
  9. It's not about sales though is it, that's not the point, we need a causal AUDIENCE, and VIEWERS to fuel the competitive seen. Otherwise the twitch chat will stay at 6-10k full of cancerous cry babies. We want the casuals to get hooked on the competitive experience.
  10. But will a younger casual audience catch on to a game like halo 1 these days? Surely there wouldn't be enough blinky lights and lense flares...
  11. Well ye I think everyone would like the game to work this time, that's a given.
  12. I particularly liked the parts: Halo is not a simulator Sprint ruins map geometry by creating gaps that can only be traversed with sprint-powered jumps; jumping and shooting is kind of important in Halo It downplays the vertical aspect of Halo hugely, creating maps that are horizontally gigantic but vertically insignificant If that's the type of game you want then that argument is pretty solid I think the problem I'm having is that a lot people just want a god tier reincarnation of h1, were as I'd prefer something fun that has minimal bullshit that could have a wide audience beyond hardcore gamers. I just don't have the faith that a game that has super simple mechanics, like 5 midship shaped maps and has the realism of murder miners can do that. I personally have a complete disconnect with mobas because they look stupid and don't make any sense, to someone who doesn't know what's going on.
  13. But it doesn't if you can't escape... why is everyone so dense... If you're forced into combat because you'll die if you try and sprint then sprint works, it's simple.
  14. They did, but everyone is too old and stubborn to just move on. We have the old halo's, why do you want to have halo5 the same...
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