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  1. I think saiyan has gotten to champ 1 solo
  2. Where can I find some high level gameplay analysis? I know ryanoob used to do his reviews but he hasn’t done them in a while. Shy has some vids too but it’s not enough. I think I may have to be the change I want to see and start a YouTube series with some practical info on getting better. I’m only diamond 5 in hcs but I think I can give good advice to lower players. One idea I have is a series called something like “where to look” that describes places you should look when pushing particular areas. For example you push snipe tower via blue sneaky on Coli u should be looking red ramp, red sneaky, etc. Another series Idea is one called “good nades” where I talk about good grenades to throw. For example throwing that nade to s3 above the opposing teams dmr on the Coli. Or maybe nading blue plat on eden strongholds to stop the opposing team from spawning there. Give me some feedback. Shit on my idea if u like I have thick skin.

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