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  1. I think alot of people are scared to jump back into halo 2. It has alot to do with just that *bxr hosty* if you catch my drift.
  2. You a good point sk0ls.. Great logic there. SOME PPL JUST DONT SEE things clearly.
  3. It isnt nearly a game of decisiveness should I pull flag. Its I run flag x10 faster than anyone and know exactly where to avoid. A true stat whore never runs flag because their pussies been wrecked by a Real Objective player.
  4. Certainly not the most recent footage, but never could react to others trying to commentate this one. Um if you could dl it through keepvid.com
  5. Rdl is Ride or Dies League, simple put, a tournament based and ladders for h3. Specifically, I have alot of commentators in pursuit of me hiring them, but their amateurs at what they do really. You've got the critique and legible voice, you interested in this accolade of commentaries I may ask of from you? It would a intense gratifiying feeling for the masses.
  6. This was very well put, indistinctively, LBX could have been a better slayer if he had 1v1s with walshy instead of roy and getting butt*tuckts*. Beside the point, but Walshy was severely underated at what he did, like most in his favor nobody cared for what he did. Only because his slaying ability wasn't superb or good. They don't take a Neighbor and mash him with 3 walshys and say their impossible to beat. What I'm saying is, you need to have a upshift in objective in order to have a absolute shutdown. Tense up and squinch your buttcheecks. Walshy does portray a slow flag runner, but I bet if he was pumped up like he was in halo 2, none of you would want to play him in 1v1. Not even me bro
  7. Well I'm glad you little noobs could make a reunions, and yea i'm sobbing because he did use it in a past tense. I believe in my best opinion, without a OBJECTIVE PLAYER, you won't get shit done.
  8. This dude brings so much skill to the game its redonkulous. Most people inherit his objective talents (like myself) and not to say his slaying skill isn't par to these dudes injecting cretine in their butts.. anyways who agrees?
  9. Let me know if you'd be interested in doing commentary for RDL.. pm or email at [email protected] thanks, and kudos for the video!
  10. OII. i hope it is better than all the fail tages from bungie. reach cough cough and halo 4 *pukes white stuff*
  11. ^^ watup ****** lmfao,, ay add me doe same as username.. u got gta v? ******
  12. Lmfao, okay well I'm not sure how I ended up becoming such a nuissance, to all of you unofficials. But officially I just introduced your gameplay to my website. Now which of you now how to give a warm-welcome? ;] read the rules, sorry for that, didn't want to lose out on not being able to register my own name.
  13. Playing from Corpus Christi --COOORPiittO
  14. I'm currently playing GTA V. What games are you good at and what platform do you play the most?
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