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  1. I looked around for a bit and was surprised to not see a thread about this here. Apparently there is no way to permanently save films or upload them to your fileshare. The only place they are temporarily saved is in the "recently played games" menu, which only records the previous twelve games that you've played. I jumped onto the Waypoint Forums hoping I was wrong, but several people indicated that I was correct and there is no way to hang on to your films. Could this be some sort of mistake or oversight? Did 343 intentionally leave out this feature? A great deal of my enjoyment when playing the Halo games comes from my ability to watch old films and critique my gameplay after the fact. Without that outlet my drive to play is significantly reduced. Anyone here feel similarly, or perhaps have some workaround that doesn't require a capture card? Thanks in advance for any contributions.
  2. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the launch playlists even though there isn't much variety for any game besides H2A. I'm hoping for a Team Doubles playlist at some point though.
  3. I'm really liking the Proving Ground playlist. All of the main problems from Team Slayer are gone, aside from JiP. Though I'm sure the "Top 200" won't be changing much aside from the absence of a few notorious quitters.
  4. Pharm hit the nail on the head. I've never seen a more easily manipulable leader board. It seems the majority of this thread doesn't play Halo 4 very often so let me explain how poorly thought out this Top 200 is. If you quit out of a game it has absolutely no effect on your CSR. By simply quitting out of any losing game a player can go the entire season without picking up a loss. And once a player has left the game the system doesn't recognize them as ever having been there. If you are about to win and you have all three of your teammates quit out, the system believes that a single player just won a 1v4 and rewards them ridiculously. I know someone who went from a 17 to a 50 in two wins using this method. Guests also don't count as a player. If you win a game with a guest on your team, well then, you just won a 3v4 and are rewarded appropriately. The majority of top 10 players each season will have just guest-boosted their way to a top spot during the final week. The exploits are... impossibly bad.
  5. I can't do that until I'm actually good at the game again.
  6. I'm definitely interested in watching some of these tournament games.
  7. I'll be on pretty often starting this weekend when I get back to my dorm. I mostly stick to Doubles, Slayer, or Throwdown. Currently my friends list is nearly empty because most of my friends from Halo 3 and Halo Reach have given up on Halo 4. My only real requirements are that you have a mic and be able to keep up with most matchmaking kids. My GT is Killer VVhale (Whale is spelled with two "V"s instead of a "W").

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