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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/tymacsheen just started streaming! come watch me get slaughtered for fun!
  2. Ryanoob and mikwen got this. Denial for the upset.
  3. bro, i go to half moon bay like every other weekend to visit one of my friends.. you ever want to lan or pratice you should hit me up..
  4. tbh, i have never played h1 on xbc so im afraid of gettin on and just get destroyed over and over again.
  5. i still play reach from time to time on mlg but not often because my live ran out and im not paying for it so i use my friends account.
  6. Oh man the ending of that video gave me chills, good job.
  7. Came across this on reddit and i thought it looked sick so i thought i'd share it with you guys.
  8. lol no shit? was it on stream?
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