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  1. And I know it's a double elimination tournament, so you can add one more Series. So it's actually 6 rounds if you lose one of your rounds and make it to the finals. So that's 18 games, 4 hrs and 30 min. I know it won't go as smooth as that with people being late to matches so you give like a 15min late start and 5 min in between games just like gb. These are all suggestions, so just take them into consideration. Not at all trying to tell you how to run your tournament since you guys did a really good job last tournament with what you had to deal with. Also what about both teams agreeing to use a different map for one of the games.
  2. Just some suggestions, I should have said this before you scheduled this one. I don't know if everyone else agrees but this is my opinion. Guardian should be replaced by narrows/amplified. Games should be up to 50 instead of 25 and tournaments should be completed in one day. It's only what 5 rounds right? So a total of 15 games played? That's sayin that every game is a 3 games series. Thats 3 hours and 45 minutes, That's easy for any halo player to play. Schedule certain times for rounds just like the online bic FFA tournaments back in the day. On a positive note I like the fact you are now doing double elimination and the payout for last tournament was extremely fast. You guys are doing a fantastic job and appreciate you hosting another h3 tournament!
  3. If anyone wants to play me and dh Gregor in a 2v2 for money on paypal msg me gt : DOA Bruh Bruh
  4. Team Name: Nox Lets Ride Winner: Nox Lets Ride Round Number: 3rd place match Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)
  5. Team Name: Nox Lets Ride Winner: Peter puffers Round Number: Semi-finals Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)
  6. Team name: Nox Lets Ride Round 3: 2-0 Winner: Nox Lets Ride
  7. Nox let ride vs coke bois Winners: Nox lets ride Round 2: 2-0
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