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  1. Has no splash damage needs to be direct hit on for effect.
  2. I think its a lot to digest and they have made compromises in an attempt to balance things, I'll have to play it to get a real true feel on everything...
  3. Most of the panic was from speculation on shoddy videos. LOL Lets hope tomorrow show us something the community will be proud of.
  4. This was my point. Gaf is a horrible place to get information and feedback on any Halo game.
  5. Funny how Gaf is "outraged" yet half of them prefer COD style play over Halo either way.
  6. Outstanding response and probably the closest to reality.
  7. Thanks for the feedback sir, you make excellent points.
  8. Retrospect question to the community: 90% of us here are Halo purists who have played through all the games and have a deep seeded appreciation for the "Halo" style of gameplay. If Halo 5 was tailored to the roots of Halo instead of incorporating modernized aspects, do you think it will sell well to the community OUTSIDE of lifetime Halo fans?
  9. It's disappointing that 343 is attempting to mold Halo 5 into what we see from nearly every shooter out there right now. I do on the other hand see why they are; sprint and ADS is the standard for modern style shooters. They are trying to appeal to the masses and draw in new fans to the series that are used to Call of Duty "twitch shooter" style of play. In a way I do feel Halo must evolve to the tastes of what is now standard in modern shooters, but it does alienate the die hard fans who want the differentiating style of Halo that we are used to. I can't say this game will fail, because if it is tailored for competitive play and is balanced it will get some burn on the circuit. I do however want to hear their reasoning into why they felt the need to go into this direction instead of sticking to the roots.
  10. I understand we are a forum of Halo purists, I myself would rather see the slower paced arena style combat be the staple in Halo 5. I just cant bring myself to thinking that just because sprint MAY in the game that it can automatically be written off as a failure. Halo 4's issues were far greater than just the addition of sprint in the game. If the game is truly balanced and built around concepts of even plane arena style gameplay then it could be something we can enjoy.
  11. Depending on participating Best Buy you can Receive $150 toward an Xbox One console when you trade in a working Xbox 360 250GB or Sony PS3 Slim console. If you plan on fully going next gen this can cut your purchase down to $200 if you get the $350 bundle. As for the bundles There are 3: - Assassins Creed bundle [$350], - Sunset Overdive Bundle (White Xbox One) [$350] - COD Advanced Warfare Bundle (1TB HDD) [$450] Note that none of these bundles come with Kinect if that is important to you.
  12. My first choice HAS to be Marty O'donnell. The guy IS the sound of Halo.
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