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  1. I have a ton of LAN exp from Halo 3, been to a few Halo 3 MLG events. I’m 4 hours away from UGC, can pay my own way, and I’m self employed. I have lots of free time from now to the event. Looking to start running games ASAP. I, like a lot of other people, am still remembering how to play Halo 3 again, as I haven’t played it in 8 or so years. However I’m really dedicated and looking to find a team to mesh with. If you’re interested, hit me up on XBL or Twitter: GT: Aye CriMsOn TW: @Ayecrimson
  2. With the resurgence of Halo 3, would anybody be down to set up a LAN?
  3. Looking to be prepared for Vegas, as St. Louis is a week away, and last minute teams never work well, just from past experience. Would love to go, because it's only a few hours away. Looking for a to3 or to2, strong players that can hang at high level arena, and not get discouraged. Good communication is a must. Looking to get a head start ASAP. Self employed and can be on any time of day. GT: CriMsOn HaE
  4. Looking to get a team for St. Louis ASAP. Hit me up on XBL GT: CriMsOn HaE
  5. KillaVayne, CriMsOn, and GungHo Fearless are looking for a solid fourth for events. Looking for someone who can communicate effectively, and keep a level head. Just looking for that solid fourth that will mesh. Message me on XBL if you're interested: GT: Aye CriMsOn
  6. Any of you guys wanna LAN soon?
  7. Bump. I would really like to get a team solidified by this weekend.
  8. Running games all week, would like to have something solidified soon, but don't want to rush it. Multiple event exp, going to event for sure. Contact me over XBL GT: Aye CriMsOn
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